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  1. Has anyone's mini lambskin peekaboo's handle not been able to stand up straight? Saw some posts earlier that talked about the whole bag falling forward, but not sure if anyone's handle just falls to one side.
  2. Hi, this might have been answered somewhere in the 235 thread pages but if not, does anyone wear their peekaboo crossbody? Is it even possible? If so, what size? Photos welcome!

    I have been looking for a sizeable bag that is not a speedy B for years and cannot find anything that works. Love the size of the speedy B 30 but something a little less prevalent. Recs welcome also
  3. Mini and essentially sizes can be worn Crossbody. Essentially is a great size that can even fit a water bottle. It’s more comparable to a speedy 25 size. Even though it’s bigger than the mini it’s the same price as a selleria mini.

    Neither of them are as roomy as a speedy b 30 though.

    The Lei is a great bag that is the speedy style, and similar to speedy 30 size. It is not common at all, and I think they’ve stopped coming out with new colors. Drawback is the strap is not really for Crossbody. So you’d have to buy one of their adjustable strap you’s to use with it, if you want to wear the Lei Crossbody.

    I want a Lei but am debating if it’s too similar to my Speedy b25.
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  4. Thank you! I will check out the Lei. I think the Essentially might be a little smaller. Have you seen the regular size in person? I'm looking for a bag that can carry as much as a Speedy B but just not as popular. I tried the Fendi Boston and it was too small. I love the look of the regular especially when it starts to slouch but want to be handsfree when I use it.
  5. Yes I think the Lei is the best size for what you’re looking for. It’s definitely bigger than the Essentially.

    I’m not a fan of the by the way Boston bag because it has sharp corners that get scuffed. The Lei is selleria, very tough and sturdy.

    I’ve not seen the regular size Lei (it only comes in one size) in person, but I think it’s pretty spacious based on the dimensions. The slouchy look is my fave too. My friend has a Lei and she says that in a pinch when she needs to be handsfree she can sling it Crossbody, but it’s just a little short to wear it Crossbody all the time.

    I have another suggestion for you. Might be kinda out there, but take a look at the Givenchy Pandora in medium size. Black Goatskin. So roomy, and multiple carry options. Love the little zip in front for keys. Love the handle for shoulder wear, and the big wide strap for shoulder or Crossbody use. Don’t be put off by the weird stock photos where it boxes out weirdly lol. Check out the Givenchy forum Pandora thread for mod shots. It slouches very very well and just an awesome bag for every day use.
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  6. Here’s a mod shot of the medium Pandora I found in the Givenchy in action thread. I’m a huge fan of the bag.

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    Agree with everything @Annawakes said, but also wanted to add that I’ve had my By the Way for 5 years (used often!) with no issues on the corner-wear. Pictured is the small/medium size (ample roominess!). There is also a large size but might look a bit bulky when worn crossbody.

    Can’t say enough about Lei Selleria—I love her so much except for the fact that I sometimes struggle with the zipper (a bit stiff and have to use both hands to zip close, for some reason unzipping is easier). Not a deal-breaker though for the leather is amazing and I love the morphing shape and slouch of her when she’s in action. I can wear her crossbody when I need to (I’m 5’1”), but this bag looks best as a hand or shoulder bag. Lei Selleria is hand-stitched and capacity is indeed similar to Speedy b 30.

    Fendi Lei Selleria
    Fendi Lei Selleria IMG_1796.JPG

    Fendi By the Way

    ETA I added a bunch of pics from Instagram here if you'd like to see
  8. Gorgeous bags!!!
  9. Thanks! They make me so happy lol :hugs:
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  10. Here is my contribution: I have had my mini peekaboo since October last year. It is a lambskin/napa leather with GHW. The bag is great and with a lot of capacity for a mini. After some use I can spot a bit of corner wear. Other than that, I truly love this bag. Here is a photo of me, of the bag, and of a furla bag charm in pink.

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  11. I remember your BTW photos, I was trying to buy a turtledove one and the only one available had irregular leather. I did end up with a black and a baby blue tricolour though. I loved your coat back then and still do :lol:
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  12. Haha, thanks—that’s very sweet! Yeah seemed like everyone was trying to get a turtledove first, but the tricolors were so pretty too and it was hard to choose!
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  13. Hi sweethearts.,
    I was hoping to find some info on the new customisable handles for the Peekaboo - anyone already has pictures or knows when they are coming to the stores?
  14. Hi, I was just watching a vlog on the Fendi cafe and saw these bags. Skip to 7:55 to see the bags:
    Or view this link to read about the Peekaboo bar:
    Seems like it is only available in London. Correct me if I'm wrong :smile:. Hope it will be available worldwide. The new defender can be personalized with your name. So excited! :heart:
    Pictures do not belong to me and are taken from the link above:

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  15. I saw the video yesterday and I couldn't believe it! More customization! I wonder if the handle adds weight and if it will scratch up the metal when it's taken on/off a lot. I'm actually not crazy about the defenders that I saw on the video at least. The whole name part makes me feel like a kid's school bag. Maybe it'll look better in-person.