Lei Selleria Bag

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  1. Anyone who has bought this bag? Please share your review on this bag. Last but not the least, please post modeling pics. Thanks!!!
  2. Hi, I saw this in the Fendi store and loved it. I bought it on overstock for 1000$ off. It ended up being a fake. I am probably going to buy it in the store though. (after I return the fake to Overstock :sad: ) I really love the style and quality of this bag. I am wondering how others feel also. The SA said it is the most quality leather they make (Selleria) and will last a life time.
  3. Hi. I know this is an older thread but wondering if there are any updates, and if anyone owns this bag? I own a Fendi BTW bag and was considering getting a second BTW until I saw the Lei Selleria online. It reminds me a bit of Loewe bags. I just think the quality looks divine!
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    Thank you Crisbac! I am considering buying a second Fendi BTW but now considering this bag instead. Two different looks, structured vs. more casual vibe. I will have to think about this a bit more but it really is a beautiful design. It reminds me of the Loewe puzzle bag but this is larger, which I love!!
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  6. My pleasure, Coconuts40! :yw: Please, keep us updated about your decision! ;)
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  7. Hi Crisbac, I just purchased one! I created a new post for it. Look for it in the Fendi Thread!!
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  8. I just saw it! :nuts: I'm so happy for you, Coconuts40! :happydance: It's fantastic! :hbeat:
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  11. Lei Selleria is so beautiful, lesAdrets! :love: So happy you could add it to your collection! :loveeyes: Enjoy! :heart:
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  12. Aww thanks, sweetie :hugs:
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  13. Planning to buy a good as new Lei Selleria bag in gray. Just waiting to confirm its authenticity!
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  14. I’m super excited I got a toffee lei from Yoogis today!!!! I can’t wait to see it. I hope it’s truly Like New condition. Sometimes Yoogis will over represent condition.

    I considered buying the toffee lei brand new from boutique but this one was $995 and I had a 10% coupon code! :yahoo:
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  15. Yay!! The toffee is beautiful. I hope you love her as much as I love mine. Let us know what you think when she arrives!
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