A tale of two knots....

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  1. Congrats on making a choice!
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  2. My autocorrect has a life of its own!
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  3. An interesting one by the looks of it :lol:.
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  4. Origami is a "great choice".. Enjoy it
    My gal is black & IMO a showstopper..
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  5. Thank you:biggrin: and thank you for ypur help! Sometime next week there will be a reveal...it will be my very first BV....
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  6. So we are twins! Even in pix it looks like a showstopper, i cannot wait to see it in person :biggrin:
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  7. :biggrin:
    When she arrives, share your thoughts!!
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  8. She is enroute, cannot wait for her to arrive this week!
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  9. Yay, I’m excited for you! Do you know what # limited edition you are receiving? I’m 5/200. I wasn’t sure if 200 were produced altogether or if 200 black and 200 cream..
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  10. 200 also for the black, as mine is 108/200....and thank u! I am so excited too :yahoo:
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  11. As promised, and thank you all again so much for your wonderful advice and feedback. I absolutely love my Origami Knot! :heart::heart::heart:

    I do have a question for any origami knot owners...she has lots of fluff and dust debris, and the patent leather origami and trim is very sticky...any suggestions on how to clean it up? Thank you :flowers:
  12. 1D79753E-3B23-4DB6-A7B7-35ED3A57DD97.jpeg BC387D58-F99A-42A1-95B8-5052744204EB.jpeg 811345D1-2E23-47C6-B31F-3ED2EC8F7992.jpeg 3A2087CD-5A22-43CF-A22A-29C590316247.jpeg
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  13. Not an Origami Knot owner, but I'm a leather person - It was probably stored in an extremely humid environment at one time - and that can cause the stickiness.
    Wipe it with a clean, soft rag to remove dust (use Q-tips for the little spaces). Dampen a soft rag with white vinegar. Rub the sticky area of the leather with the vinegar until all of the stickiness is gone. Buff the cleaned area with a clean, soft rag. Dampen a clean, soft rag with mineral spirits. Rub the mineral spirits into the entire item to keep the leather shiny and to protect it from drying and cracking. Clean your patent leather products with mineral spirits periodically. You cannot repair patent leather if it cracks.

    If you don't feel comfortable with this, you can always send to Modern Leather in NYC (where BV sends their items) and have it professionally cleaned for minimal cost.
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  14. I first would reach out to your seller to discuss the issues pictured.
    Personally would send the bag to Modern to clean it up "professionally" & send the bill to the
    seller because the listing states pristine like new.. I don't think you should have to clean
    up a pristine bag, IYKWIM & with a slash/cut that just doesn't fly with me.
    Either it is oversight that the seller really didn't inspect it up close & personal to feel the stickiness
    or their definition of pristine is very different for yours & mine.
    Good luck!
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  15. These are wonderful instructions, i am going to note this, for future bags too! Thank you so much for writing this wonderful overview :smile:
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