A tale of two knots....

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  3. We’ll find a black one...
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  4. You are too sweet:biggrin::heart:
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  5. I saw a post i think u made a few days ago about a bag u returned to TRR , with undescribed condition issues, that they then relisted and for the lufe of me i cannot find it now that i want to add to the chat! Ive just checked a bunch of threads :facepalm: I am seeing a couple of knots and a couple of other BV bags on TRR and I am gun-shy with the no return policy on sale bags...i had a bad experience with them last year, another not as described bag i had to open a case to get my refund....but they have some amazing BV bags ....have a lot of you here bought BV bags on TRR with no issues?
  6. I've made over a dozen purchases from TRR and have sent two back. Two others had significant issues that were minimized in the description but I kept them and rehabbed them because I loved the styles. I've received some bags that were in great condition. So it's a bit of a crap shoot. The bags I've returned have been final sale bags but they've refunded me fully on them.
    I think it depends on whoever is doing the listings as to what the description includes, I don't know if they have a standard they're all supposed to adhere to. From what I understand on reading here on TPF, quota seems to be a big deal for the worker bees at TRR so I would imagine some things get a cursory look-over.
    It may not be the site for those looking for perfection. Some of the bags I've received have had no issues whatsoever and I got them at decent prices, so I keep buying. I know of one other TPFer who told me she was ultimately told she couldn't return any more bags but I think she did return quite a few. I've had no problems returning items to them and they're refunded my shipping as well.
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  7. I have purchased 6 bags from TRR, mostly in another brand that were all in very good to like new condition. The one final sale BV bag I got was missing a zipper pull that was not disclosed in the description but the bag is still functional and in excellent condition otherwise. Thankfully, I haven't had any significant issues with final sale items.
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  8. Ok great, thank you for sharing! I do tend to want to buy bags in excellent or like new condition. And usually Yoogis or FP are my go-to for other brands. Easy returns, and generally bags are as described. But i am really loving BV bags, all kinds not just knots. And there aren’t a ton of bags on those sites...the ones there are the very large ones and I am a small to medium bag gal.

    TRR and Tradsey have the best selections it seems....with TRR i do-not like a no return policy if a bag winds up having undescribed issues. My one experience with TRR was a an LV bag listed as excellent but had the worst musty odor ever. They would not take it back and i had to force a return thru a paypal case. But they took your 2 final sale bags back no problem?

    You also mentioned rehabbing. If a BV bag has scuffs and wear , it is possible to rehab it yourself? Do you mind sharing what you do? I would be very interested. I am seeing so many older BV bags that are just fabulous but have wear to them. I am loving the older styles, the more i see them....besides the Lauren clutch and the mini pouch 20, most of what is up on the BV website right now is not very appealing to me....
  9. Ok great! Thank you for sharing...there are some great knots and also some other fabulous BV bags on TRR right now....
  10. E373CB7B-680D-41DB-86AA-41EF11587769.jpeg I found this beautiful knot on TRR today, for a great price, and it should arrive sometime next week...:yahoo: still hunting origami and galuchat - both in Nero, but this one will be my first “keeper’ hopefully!
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  11. oh, that is gorgeous! Love the color!
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  12. Thank u! I loved it immediately too :smile: Will post a pic once i receive it.
  13. I was looking at that same knot and boom it was sold and it was to you! So glad you got it! I was really tempted.
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  14. Sorry i grabbed it before you were able to! That just happened to me with another knot on FP a couple of weeks ago, so i snatched this one fast :biggrin:
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  15. No worries! I'm glad you got it. I really don't need it, it's just such a fun color and style but I bought my own HG chain knot last year.
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