A tale of two knots....

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  1. Thank you very much @More bags :flowers:
    More bags likes this.
  2. Thank you :biggrin: I still feel bad that you missed out on it, but super excited i got it...:yahoo:
    youngster likes this.
  3. No worries! It would have taken wears away from my grey knot so I'm glad you have it!
  4. Congrats! Great Knot :tup:
    but you owe us mod shots!!! please! :loveeyes:
    jbags07 likes this.
  5. Thank you kindly :flowers: And i will add mod shots on our first outing!
    ksuromax likes this.
  6. How did i miss this?? Congrats! She is a beauty :love: looking forward to mod shots!
    jbags07 likes this.
  7. Thank u :biggrin: She really is! I still can’t believe i have this beautiful knot:heart: