A tale of two knots....

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  1. so i have not actually seen a Knot in person but absolutely love them...i am looking at these 2 knots for my first....i think black will be very practical as well as beautiful as i dip my toes into BV....these 2 knots are very different but i am only able to choose one for now :biggrin: I am very torn, and thought i would solicit some feedback from you all who are more familiar with them and perhaps own these 2 styles!

    So, if you’ve seen either in person, which of the 2 would you recommend? I am so torn! Thank you in advance for any feedback :flowers:

    I will post pix of each below.....
  2. 4BBB5E84-0ECD-4DA0-8245-3F7667B218ED.jpeg 5B538DF6-C9A1-4055-8C67-4B1006D6A339.jpeg 5101B7FC-3DD6-455F-84B2-8F7E5A54D231.jpeg A2071F04-0AD7-47F1-B642-4D21EC83FDF6.jpeg
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  3. 084282D3-AD14-4186-B64A-7375E56D82B6.jpeg 90A4A51D-2E6C-46C6-9DE3-080E3DD9B21F.jpeg 83EDAAD1-3477-4B85-89EE-942F7C3555B0.jpeg 450A2BCF-A66C-4CE5-AEBF-D449C45272C9.jpeg 45BE15C8-5479-40B9-B645-7960ADA485BE.jpeg 39435A24-E8C8-42BC-8EEA-1016EF1CCF46.jpeg
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  4. Wow both beautiful but I find the first more interesting. I have no experience with this size knot so I’m no help there.
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  5. the first one is Origami and it's very beautiful, but i'd go with the second (V0N will be able to tell you the name of the finish, probably) as imo it would feel nicer in the hand.
    Smooth leather will be more pleasant to the touch :smile:
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  6. Both gorgeous, obviously. I have the origami in the cream color, and I love that I have one limited edition knot with the silver plaque inside (as opposed to the standard logo embossing).

    What I find most interesting about the mosaic knot is the 3 different leathers interwoven. I believe the 3 are comprised of python, smooth (calf) perhaps, and patent. Very unique.

    Tough decision. I would go for the limited origami because there is less quantity to be found. But if you are leaning a certain way aesthetically- definitely go with that.

    Here’s a photo of the interior plaque found in limited editions in case you are not familiar.. you’ll enjoy either. Knots are so special!

    Attached Files:

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  7. Thank u :flowers: I hadn’t considered that! It would be easier to hold...
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  8. Your origami knot is beautiful! Thank u for sharing, and for clarifying about the special editions with plaques...this definitely adds uniqueness, with the rarity of these bags...aesthetically, i am torn as i love both knots, lol :biggrin:

    Thank you very much for your input :flowers: i will definitely consider it, along with the input from the folks above....
  9. Another consideration is whether or not you're comfortable owning exotic leathers.
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  10. I am ok with exotics....i collected vintage handbags for many years, and that kind of acclimated me to owning/.using them, you come across them frequently in the vintage arena...when buying brand new bags, i am good with faux though!
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  11. I was fairly horrified when I read about the treatment of snakes that were harvested for their skins. I love the second knot you've shown here but the exotics would be an issue for me. As would be carrying a knot, I'd need a third hand :lol:.
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  12. Thank you, and happy to contribute.. looking forward to an update when you make your decision :smile:
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  13. Great point regarding exotics.
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  14. :sad: I have not read anything about the methods involved with harvesting ....and i certainly don’t want any creature to be harmed, so i don’t make brand new purchases, but i feel like, for the stuff that already exists, i am ok with buying pre loved and using them, ......but i don’t think we need to continue these inhumane practices...

    And yes, carrying them may not be the most practical :biggrin: But the art and beauty of these pieces is breathtaking! And hubby doesn’t mind carrying my phone in his pocket lol....
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  15. Will definitely post a reveal! And i just bought my first leather tote, so when i receive that i will also reveal, as both will be my entry into the world of BV....
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