A tale of two knots....

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  1. Thank you so much :smile: I just called Modern, and unfortunately, the knot cannot be cleaned or even saved. He told me the knot is breaking down from improper storage, and he considers it to be a ‘damaged bag’. Sigh.

    I will contact the seller once i finish typing this. I hope it is just an oversight! Its pretty obvious though, plus the adhesive residue and the tear....now that i’ve made my decision tho, i want another origami knot! Let the stalking begin :biggrin: And if anyone sees a black one in excellent condition no issues, send me a convo!
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  3. Thank you! But based on what Modern Leather told me, its not cleanable. Will continue to deteriorate :hrmm: So unfortunately it will be going back....
  4. I am so sorry to hear this - while I don't always agree with Tony (the owner at Modern) he knows his stuff, and if he says this is bad, it's bad. So sorry that the seller did this - I'm finding more and more sellers are just not honorable!!!
    At least you got to hold the Precious in your hand, and know what it's going to be like once you find your very own.
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  5. I will share this thought with you. This particular origami knot was available in black as well as a vanilla color.
    Many of the lighter shade knots that I have seen on the secondary will have various degrees of discoloration.
    Keep looking.. a black one will come your way in the condition that you would want
    As many of us know condition is subjective but when the word pristine is used, pristine it should be!!
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  6. Thank you :biggrin: I will have patience! I would rather wait and have one that is in fabulous condition, than settle. Pristine, however, should mean near perfect! And there were a handful of issues apart from the stickiness...lots of brown adhesive residue alk over the folds, and that tear in one if them, along with some loose threads...
  7. So sorry to hear about this. The origami knot is just stunning. I will keep an eye out for another for you.
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    Thank you :smile: I was super excited and it was disheartening. You can see in my above reply to @Love Of My Life there were several issues , yet the bag was listed as pristine. The seller is taking it back no problem, and i am giving her the benefit of the doubt, but i agree with you that a lot of sellers today seem to list their items without disclosing issues, hoping the issues go unnoticed. My generation is used to, and understands what quality is. I do think that some folks today accept lower quality, and that emboldens some sellers. IMO, that is.

    And on a positive note, i did hold this spectacular knot in my hand, and i am fully in love with her! And she will be worth the wait when i find one in beautiful condition.
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  9. Thank you so much :smile: You are very kind! :flowers:
  10. Jbags, the wait for the "right bag" will be worth it.. Just be patient & you will find her.
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  11. Oh, damn. Sorry to hear this one didn’t work out. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for you :smile:
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  12. Yes, i just need to work on my patience:biggrin: i will be stalking for a Nero Galuchat and for another origami. Thank you for tour encouragement!
  13. Thank you, and thank you:biggrin: i appreciate your kindness! :flowers:
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  14. There’s a cream one on TRR

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  15. Thank you so much! I really want the black one though, but i am headed over now to take a look...thank u for letting me know :flowers: