2019 resolution - shopping my own bag and wallet collection. Any one else?

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  1. Me too! Particularly snake or embossed snake-like leathers.
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  2. What bag do you use in really bad weather? It could be super hot weather, snow, torrential rain , etc but I am curious to see which bags holdup to these extremes.
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  3. Either my Longchamp Le Pliage or my Lipault Paris...nylon all the way for really bad weather...
  4. If my schedule for this day calls for me to use a leather bag, then probably my AMcQueen Padlock in black. It is really a fuss-free bag. But if I could use any bag (my bad weather is usually stormy days) then a Longchamp nylon. Though I think during the last rainy seasons, during work days, I really wore leather bags, just not nubuck.
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  5. my BVs and Bals! Always! Anytime! Anywhere! :biggrin:

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  6. +1 on the reptile exoctics, they do not work for me. Live in a climate where there is rain and snow (schools are closed today for snow/ice day) and I especially find larger exotics a bit creepy since it looks like an animal.

    My other would no fanny packs. I had a Gucci one I bought in like 2007 and sold recently when they came back in style. I used it when I went hiking but now I prefer a nylon backpack for hiking!

    I adore the Dior bags (my lady?) but I don’t think I will ever own one cause of the difficulty getting in and out bag. So I will admire in pics.
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  7. For work I use my LV neverful or a black Prada leather tote. Both have been through rain/snow/etc. I walk to the subway when I go to the city office so my bag is always exposed. Both bags handle the weather well.

    On weekends if it is bad out I will use my Hermes bambou kelly or one of my Hermes Evelyn tpm. These bags have been soaked, I have literally fallen on them in ice/snow, splashed with dirty salt water from the road. I usually give them a quick wipe off when I get home. But when dried out and cleaned up they look practically new. These bags can take a beating!
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  8. Morebags I’m with you on the pen rotation challenge but my goal is to rotate the fountain pens but only when the ink runs dry so the ink doesn’t dry up and clog the pen. Oddly, the Shaeffer I’ve been using is still going strong and I’m ready to move on! Anyhoo..back to you..hey you’ve been holding out! I only recall seeing the Pilot. Do post the others. Pretty please?:hugs:

    Oh uh on the bag challenges ..erm:huh: I’m not exactly a good study. I kinda rotate at a snail’s place but use the monthly challenges as a reminder and guideline. I follow along all y’alls journey with great admiration:flowers:
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  9. I’ve always wanted a Balenciaga..don’t know enough of the models to identify city vs. motorcycle vs...The bags just exemplify “cool!” This one with the rainbow hardware is even cooler! Your collection is impressive for sure!

    I really like that 1st bag with the perforations! Is it reversible? Looks like really buttery lambskin. I don’t recall whether you’ve posted modeling shots of this one..would you?:flowers:
  10. Both! This is my "small bag in the big bag" method, as I need to carry my work laptop everyday but need to have the flexibility to step out to lunch. It works really well - I can't wait to see what happens when the corporate issued new laptop arrives (smaller, thinner, lighter) and how that will change the way I use my bags.
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  11. I am not the best about bag maintenance, so part of my approach for keeping bags looking nice is not subjecting them to extremes in the first place. We get a lot of rain where I live, so my biggest concern is waterproof--I keep a couple cheaper bags on hand for this, including a Furla PVC bag.

    However, I also have a Prada clutch that's saffiano outside AND inside, which has been a godsend for dressing up in nasty weather. I don't understand why more brands don't make weather-resistant bags with weather-resistant linings.
  12. thank you! :smile:
    'Moto' line included all - the City, the First, the Velo, the Part time, etc, this was a new line which Bal launched under CD Nicholas Guesquiere and that was a kind of 'break through' with those studs, tassels, and hard-rock/moto chic
    no, it's not reversible, and it's a very soft and nice to the touch hand made Italian bag, i used to wear it A LOT, and i still like it, just have others that have 'newer/fresher' vibe :smile:
    now as i don't treasure it, i wear it in the summer, or somewhere where i can be totally careless
    now it's dark, evening here, but i will do it for you tomorrow ;)
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  13. Thanks for the info on the Bal Moto line. I really want one..which one..seems I need to wander over to the Balenciaga thread and learn a few things. Somewhere I read they’re no longer available in the stores. Sad.

    Finally, a pre-thanks for posting your modeling shot of the orange perf hobo.
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  14. Usually my Le Pliage Neo - big and black and able to handle what ever nature throws at us. But even then, I don't worry about my other bags (except the H Drag 2) too much because I can wipe them all off easily.
    I don't worry so much about super hot weather - I don't have anything that will melt.
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  15. My citrus bags for this week’s showcase

    L to R: Bottega Veneta (tangerine), Belen Echandia (orange), and Louis Vuitton (lemon)