2019 resolution - shopping my own bag and wallet collection. Any one else?

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  1. Lately it's been anything LV for me. Water doesn't permeate the canvas. I have a Speedy 30 in DE and not worried about it getting soaked or scratched. So far it's taken a beating, even gone through TSA belt without a tray and looks great still.
  2. Hi Sparkletastic, you're preempting my pen pic for next week! :lol:;):wave:
    I was planning to show some pens with non standard ink colours. Here's my green, purple and turquoise inks for you!

    Hi essiedub, I only have one fountain pen. I bought it last summer. I do have a number of pretty rollerball and ballpoint pens. You also caught me holding out. I posted last night about my Visconti Van Gogh, knowing I would post the pic today. :giggle::blush:

    Here is a pic from yesterday, submitting this week's bag-scarf-pen pic,
    • Hermes Etain Bolide 31
    • H Jardin de la Maharani
    • Visconti Van Gogh Tortoise Rollerball Pen
    9_51 Bolide, Jardin de la maharani, visconti van gogh tortoise.jpg

    Here are the two previous bag-scarf-pen pics from earlier in this thread. :flowers:
    9_49 Chanel Black Reissue 226, ST Dupont,H Clic Clac a Pois Maxi Twilly.jpg
    9_50 Chanel red WOC Hermes Force Centrifuge Pilot Metropolitan.jpg
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  3. The JW Hulme bucket bag or if it is raining really hard the Cuyana zipper tote. For the days that I don't need to carry my laptop, the Roots Edie in Tribe leather. Capture.PNG
  4. Harrumph! Well... the Charles et Charlus arrived - and I hate it. What a bummer. The leather seems cheap, it looks cheap, it’s just yucko chucko all the way around.
    So I was grumpy - never good because ‘things’ happen. I got a project in my head (tho it had been floating around) and went to the fabric store, and ran a couple errands.
    And look what I found! I never in million years would have thought that my eye would have been caught by this - but it is so cute and so cheery - I had to have it.
    Made by CoLab in Montreal, on clearance too!

    My project was to make a tote bag out of a couple scarves I just didn’t like and felt the chances of selling them was slim to none. So my red Vinci and La Marine a Rames have a new life ahead of them. I’m going to get an organizing thing to put in it to hold its shape better, but overall I’m happy with the results.
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  5. I use a Furla saffiano bag in really bad weather.
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  6. The bag you made is very cool. I like your new yellow bag too.
  7. Thank you!
    It's a great sunny color, in some light it is a little golden. Today has been rainy, sunny, snowy, and now cloudy again - this is the perfect color for a day like this!
  8. Stunning!
  9. These are really cute! If I ever get the hankering for one of these - I know who I'll be PM-ing! :flowers:
    oh oh
    (be still my heart!)
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  10. They are all so well combined. Beautiful!
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  11. I love everything about this bag: the color, the style, and how it opens up to get at your "gear."

    I own one Botkier bag, but I never knew anything about the designer... not even her first name. And she is/was a photographer? How interesting!
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  12. Didn't realize it had an outside pocket for a phone... that's a really good feature. I do wish it had an inside back zipped pocket for keys and a pen; I can't decide if this will be a deal-breaker. I'll just have to look at it in the boutique and see if it's true love.

    I haven't thought much about color yet. They look really pretty in various brown/tan shades, but my Valentino, which is Cognac, already covers that base. I'm thinking some version of grey, since I have a ton of black bags. H does a grey called Etoupe, don't they? And it's pretty? But there's also Etain, which is darker, and also looke nice.

    I don't know if either of these colors is available new. Or if I even WANT to buy new. Or if I'm educated enough to buy pre-loved. So this will definitely be a long-term project, which won't start until next fall after we've been to the boutique. It might be that I check one out, and... :yucky:

    And then just think of the $$$ I'll be saving! :angel:
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  13. Etoupe or etain would be perfect neutrals for year round. I am still looking to add one of those colours to my collection. Yes definitely try on. Also suggest sticking to clemence leather so the bag moulds to your body.
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  14. Love that yellow!
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  15. Sweet story... good save by your DH! :graucho:
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