2019 resolution - shopping my own bag and wallet collection. Any one else?

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    Hey All!

    We’re almost at the start of the new year. So it’s time for our first bag challenges! :yahoo:I’m reposting the ones we have cued up for January! I’ll do so again on 1/1.

    (For those of you who are new to the thread, we do monthly challenges as a way of having fun with and focusing on our current collections. It helps us to remember, enjoy and appreciate what we have so that we aren’t as tempted to purchase new bags.

    Participation is completely voluntary. Pick one, two, all or none. No peer pressure. This is just a fun thing to do as you see fit! If you do participate, we love to see photos as you go along but, again, even those aren’t required. We’re pretty flexible around here. Lol! )

    *** January Challenges ***

    • New Year, New Bag - Wear your three newest bags at least twice this month

    • Love it or List it - Several people plan to sell bags. Pick one on the bubble and wear it a few times. If it’s not love by Jan 31, commit to selling or donating it.

    • 10 in 31 Challenge - Wear at least 10 bags one time this month to help you rotate (we did 15 in the past but I’m lowering the number so more people can participate and to take into consideration extreme weather in some regions)

    • Color Challenge - Pick a color and wear all the bags you have in their color at least once this month. (Starting in Feb, the color will be based on the birthstone for the month. But since Jan is garnet and we recently did red, I’m leaving the color up to you to chose this month.)

    • Reverse Love it or List it - Pick a bag that you aren’t sure you want to sell. Place it in an inconvenient spot in your home where you don’t readily see it and can even have the opportunity to forget it. If after 4 months you haven’t reached for it, commit to selling it.
  2. YEAR SEVEN! WOW... every year, I am continually amazed by the longevity of this thread. The group continues to grow and we continue to support one another. The original intent of my thread was a personal resolution to shop my own bag and SLG collection in hopes to curb spending, implement a ban (of sorts), and enjoy what I already own. I've succeeded only one year (in 2015) in achieving 365 days of not buying any bags or SLGs. Following that year, though, my overall purchasing has slowed down significantly and my purchases are more thoughtful - refining my collection to suit my lifestyle has been the name of the game for me in the last several years; and I'm letting go of more pieces that don't work as well for me anymore.

    In 2018, I tried to repeat 2015's success - it wasn't a complete success because I did bring new items in, but I also let go of 10 pieces; what I did bring in, I use almost every day. I'd say that is a different type of success =) I also tried to do a wardrobe ban but that didn't work lol - we all have to start somewhere, so now that I've attempted it, I know that it will be tough to do, but I think I will have more success this time around. I'm going to try again with a wardrobe ban and see how it goes. All in all though, if all else fails, I just want to have less than what I started with by the end of the year. I'm really trying to live without a lot of excess, and use up a lot of what I do have so it doesn't go to waste. My resolution this year is more of an overall lifestyle shift for me - I've had a pretty rough 2018, and this shift is to try to help me regain my health in all aspects of my life.

    Looking forward to another year with everyone! :heart:
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  3. Well, in 2019 I will be coming off buying 4-5 new bags after not purchasing for...oh...maybe 4 years? And I likely won't sell any because I would get nothing for them and so I may as well keep them. But I would like to keep myself on the straight and narrow for the next year after I have more than stocked up.
  4. My resolution is to stay within the amount of closet space I have. If I buy something new it must fit easily or I have to sell or give away something before hand. I will track my usage again and if something doesn’t get used it must go with the exception of a few special occasion bags. I will also continue to keep an picture album of my bags on phone to look at before I buy something new.
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  5. Count me in! 2018 was a year of overspending. I never went into debt for my handbag obsession (and never would!) but I spent a lot of money that could have smarter spent paying down my mortgage. I also purchased a car I wanted but didn’t need and have a car payment for the first time in my life, after always paying cash for cars in the past. 2019 is about getting my feet back on the ground, remembering that the thrill of the handbag chase can seriously interfere with other, larger goals in life, and being less attached to stuff in general.
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  6. I don't know how successful I'll be in 2019. I'm never one to make resolutions. I'm more likely to meet a goal if I don't state it out loud. I did better in 2018 than in previous years so I hope to stay on that course. I hope to be more mindful of purchases, and not to buy something just because it is a deal or because everyone else loves it. My top goal is to reduce my keychain/purse charm collection by at least 30%. I'd like to reduce the purse number by 10 but that might take more than a year. I guess at the very least, I had better start practicing the one in, one out rule.
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  7. I don't like to do a specific number because you can guarantee I will break that number. I like your idea of being more mindful with the sales. They tend to get me with bags I want to try but am not willing to pay full price for.
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  8. I need to live here after the 2018 I’ve had! I think what scares me most is the idea of what my spending history must look like at Hermes, the main place where I spend big chunks of money. I added 5 H bags to my collection (including one exotic) this year and 2 LV bags, and sold 2 H bags and one Chanel. I also added a few pieces of fine jewelry, one from H. My current collection is 7 H bags, 3 LV bags, one old Gucci and a straw bag for summer. Plus a beachy type bag and a leather backpack for travel. Doesn’t sound too crazy but if you add it in with all my spend at H it feels crazy. I have two special order bags on the way with Hermes (and I may also allow myself one addition outside of those) so I have to decide what I can do to help fund those purchases. I also have a baby on the way and am in school full time as of last August, so I need to majorly cut back on what goes out funds-wise this coming year. I think one way I can do that is by rewarding myself at some point with a brand new closet. If I’m able to find someone who can do that for a reasonable price, I can display my bags and shoes in such a way that everything is out in the open and easier to enjoy. Right now I keep most of my things in boxes. My biggest accessory addiction is H shawls/scarves and shoes. I think my goal should be to add zero of those items to my collection for the whole year. Intimidating but I guess that’s why I’m here with everyone! My biggest vice is H and that is what I need to try to curb this year. I’m glad I can recognize that at least. I would honestly like to try a wardrobe and shoe ban outside of H, and a shawl/scarf and shoe ban with H. And to focus on the baby and continuing to kick ass in school!
  9. Rhl2987 I'm also a student mom and I am with you in getting a grip on over indulging and wanting a closet that helps remind you what you already have. That's what I have been working on this year so I can feel an embarrassment of fashion riches when I walk in and feel satisfied with that and not need to shop more. I can't keep bags in dust bags!
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  10. You’ve created a wonderful space! And a lovely collection as well!! I will be at a loss for what to do with all of my Hermes bag and shoe boxes once I have my dream closet area. Maybe they will have to go in the spare bedroom or in some hidden space in the new closet.
  11. I also wanted to add how glad I am to be here with you at the beginning of this new thread. Wow. Over 13,600 replies on last year’s thread?! I can’t wait for the fruitful conversation this year will bring that I will be happy to be a part of.
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  12. I mostly lurk here, but I looked back at my 2018 numbers, and frankly, they're not great. I had a couple of ins that turned out not to be winners, and that’s unusual for me as I wouldn’t normally be disillusioned with new purchases so quickly.

    I bought more on impulse overall, and some of those risks DID pay off, so that’s the silver lining, I guess.

    I've never been too concerned about the size of my collection—what I hate more is not having the perfect bag when I want it—but I’m about at my limit, so I need to keep tabs on everything I have and make sure each bag is earning its place in my closet.

    So for 2019, here are my goals:
    • Any new bags I decide to add must be 1) real showstoppers and/or 2) fill an actual need.
    • No settling. A couple of the bags I’m less thrilled with from 2018 were things I thought I could “make work” and ultimately couldn’t.
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  13. I'll call out one 2018 success, though. I had an LV Monceau that I LOVED, but mine was really starting to get battered and worn.

    Because it's old/discontinued, I needed to shop preloved to replace it, and I'd been searching since 2016. I was pretty discouraged because most of the ones available were in about as bad a shape as mine but still carried a hefty price tag. So I kept looking, and this year, I finally lucked out and found one in really nice condition with a reasonable price tag. Also, I was also able to sell my old one for a decent price, so it was a win all the way around.

    Does anyone else have any particular purse/wardrobe "wins" from 2018?
  14. Congrats on the upcoming arrival of your baby! That’s always exciting. For myself, the biggest thing was reminding myself I have similar bags in my collection compared to the ones I would be eyeing - reminding myself that they share the same purpose really helped curb a lot of my spending. I think I’m the last couple years my lifestyle has changed a bit in terms of commuting and needing my laptop more often so I started letting go and replacing items I needed. That’s ok! Life changes and You want to be living what u have and make sure they’re useful to you. I’m not so hard on myself anymore when I bring in a bag as long as it really has a use for me, and likely I will be letting go of something that no longer serves its purposes for me. It sounds like you have a really beautiful collection already and we’re here to help you to enjoy, and love it!
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  15. Not exactly similar but in 2018 I managed to find two vintage bags from 2 brands I’ve been dying to have vintage from - bv and coach. Both in amazing condition and coming in at $25, and $40, respectively! Those are some of my ‘crown jewels’ in my collection haha. And I use them too!
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    Anyone who is considering shopping outside of his/her wardrobe might benefit going through blondissima777's summary first before pulling the trigger:

    Great wrap-up.
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