2019 resolution - shopping my own bag and wallet collection. Any one else?

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  1. I've been carrying my purple bags this month. I've already carried my two new purple bags that I've posted previously. Today I carried this Longchamp.

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    Good question, so far so good. I am enjoying, loving and wearing what is in my closet. Any time I am tempted by a bag I ask myself which bag I would be willing to release in order to bring in that new bag. Is it truly filling a hole in my bag wardrobe? I have been tempted by a Rouge H Garden Party with no contrast stitching. The reason I am dithering is due to the strap drop. While I might be able to manage it over my shoulder with no coat I wonder if it would drive me nuts in the winter with a thick winter coat. :shrugs:

    Colour Challenge - complete
    • Red WOC
    • Red Reissue 226
    • Burgundy Lizard Coco Handle
    Fresh Focus February - halfway completed
    • Red WOC, worn twice, 2 more outfits to go
    Rotating my pens challenge (personal challenge) - I am enjoying this, too. I have used a different one each week and I am appreciating previous purchases! They still bring me joy! First three I have cycled through,
    • S. T. Dupont Liberte Ballpoint Pen in Pearly Nude
    • Pilot Metropolitan Red Fountain Pen
    • Visconti Van Gogh Tortoise Rollerball Pen
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  3. I love what your criteria is for adding a bag. Every addition to our lives should really improve delight and / or function in a meaningful way.

    I am trying hard to ignore the pen posts. I am a little mani about beautiful penmanship (comes from having too many relatives in elementary education I guess. Lol!). And I prefer writing in non standard ink colors (I love pink and green. I use green when marking up documents for work so it’s less negative to subordinates than red). So I could see pens being a slippery slope for me. I love yours and all others that have been shown.
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  4. I’ve been surfing through thread and forums I never usually look at and getting fun perspective and new info.

    This has made me think again about what / why I buy.

    Questions for the day:

    • We’ve talked about deal breakers. But what is the ONE thing (not brand) for a handbag that you will NOT have in your closet.

    • What is the one bag you truly adore from afar but know isn’t for you.
  5. No highly structured bags with flaps (yes, I'm talking to you Chanel).
    I love Balenciaga City bags but they don't work for me. I have a bunch of other Bal styles though.
  6. Cool questions!

    I don't mean this against anyone who owns them, but the handbags in my closet will never be made of real croc or lizard skin...it would be altruistic to say because of ethical treatment, but it's really because I find reptiles icky...

    I adore the Birkin, but because firstly, it is mainly hand carry, and secondly, I would never ask my DH to spend so much on one bag, I know it isn't for me...
  7. I'm with you on the exotics. Not for me either.
  8. This
    it was my first BRAND NEW Balenciaga, hence a lot more expensive than any other in my collection for that moment, but i was agonizing for GETTING it, i NEEDED it, and finally we made a deal with my DH - he paid for it and that was his pressie for our wedding anny and my BD (both close enough to each other)
    a lot has changed since then :lol:
    now i don't feel that bad paying over 1,000 for a bag
    but it also helped me to change my view, i learned that items that i feel that way about (craving, lusting, feeling itch to get, etc) are worth every penny, and in all cases when i got them, they turned out to be 100% success (my another Balenciaga City in calfskin, Tattoo 100 years anny tote, etc)

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  9. what a cool and fun looking collection!! :loveeyes:
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  10. my orange perforated hobo, still in the closet, but hasn't seen the light of the day in ages
    my orange tote is out and ready for 'grab-n-go' but i keep dragging my feet for some reason, need to change this
    my yellow small xbody bag is in the closet, but most likely will be handed down to my DD. Or, we'll be sharing it...
    i still have my fluo yellow chevron flap but i don't have a picture at hands to post it

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  11. I appreciate your two cents. I got this model (link in red) . I keep using it and hopefully it'll eventually break in or I'll encounter the same fate like you with this one and the low ball offers. :nuts: I've added to my listings I don't take offers and there is no "Make an offer" option, but I still get offers. I simply ask them to re-read item description because I've written it for purpose.
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  12. rigid structure. just no

    i don't know any bag that i LIKE but can't wear
    i usually don't like the bags that don't work for me, 'like' in the sense of ADMIRATION ....
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  13. Beautiful!
  14. I love looking at these cheerful colors specially as we are about to be snowed in again.
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  15. For me there is almost always an exception the rule but The one must is it has to be well made even if it is inexpensive. No loose stitching, no faux leather, no satin linings, and it need to function.
    As far as the one bag I adore from a far but can't do is the garden party. I love totes, but they need to go on my shoulder. If the strap was just about two inches longer I think I might have gone for it.
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