2019 resolution - shopping my own bag and wallet collection. Any one else?

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  1. Funny coincidence! I got a black tote too in lamb and absolutely love it. It's pity that it has been snowing lately like a hell so it's very difficult to use any open tote unless I want to carry a full bucket of snow with me... But spring is on the corner soon!

    I got a matching flap card case / wallet in lamb as well which I've been using every day. It still looks like a brand new though I haven't treated it with special care. This model works so well so I gathered my courage and purchased the exact same model in caviar this week without a second thought because it was beautifully made (all threads in line, no crooked CC logo etc.) while browsing the minis. Now I sort of regret not being considerate enough. No love for stiffness and plasticy feeling of the caviar but I do hope it'll soften a bit at least and growing to love it more later. I really don't want to re-sell it. Just too arduous process. I learned again not to buy anything which is not on my wishlist.

    Link to the pic if it doesn't show: link
  2. Challenge Update:

    I’m doing the Form & Function challenge and surprisingly have gotten the “form” bags worn.

    Mr. S. & I had fun celebrating the anniversary of our first date last night. I didn’t get a purse pic which is so unlike me. :facepalm: But, I wore my silver Dior so first half of the challenge complete.

    I’ve also worn my Jimmy Choo Raven so half of function is done. I just haven’t gotten around to wearing the black Fendi BTW.

    I think I’m going to switch up the challenge and try to wear each of 4 prettiest and 4 most functional bags twice. That will be a big challenge!!! :shocked: But, hey it’s no fun if it’s easy. Lol!

    • Dior cream and gold Diorama (worm onece)
    • Dior silver Diorama (worm once)
    • Chanel red lamb flap (worn once)
    • Miu Miu pewter mini tote

    • LV LockMe II BB (worm 3 times)
    • Jimmy Choo Raven (worm twice)
    • Fendi BTW
    • Chanel Tote
  3. FYI: here are the Feb challenges again


    • Color challenge: Wear each of your bags in the colors of Feb - red for love or purple for amethyst.
    • Extreme team: Wear your 3 smallest or 3 largest bags at least 2x
    • Fresh Focus February: Pick one lesser used bag and wear it with 4 new outfits over the month (approx. one a week)
    • Function or Form: Wear both your prettiest bag and your most functional bag at least 2x this month
  4. :giggle: Push presents seem to be more of a thing now but I'm absolutely using that as an excuse to get myself presents:yahoo: HAHA. And I think you should absolutely get retroactive push presents for yourself!! Or have your husband pick them out!

    I originally mentioned to my husband what I might want and then I decided to just take matters into my own hands. I really buy myself enough things that I don't need him to buy me presents except small, thoughtful things! And he doesn't like purses or VCA jewelry anyway, which is what I really like. Plus, he doesn't have the budget for such extravagant fun pieces. A couple of years ago for my birthday he got me a beautiful pair of diamond climber earrings and a stunning handmade wooden jewelry box. He really went all out that year and I don't expect that again. I'm the spender in our relationship and I'd like to keep it that way :biggrin:
  5. I also love your well used mono PA!! Do you use that as a catch all or as a clutch?
  6. I used to have the MJ Blake bag with similar locks on the front. Love it! Mine was my first designer bag that my Mom bought me and I used it long as well before gifting it back to my Mom.
  7. I love how you and Mr. S celebrate the anniversary of your first date! My husband and I don't even agree on when we officially started dating 8 years ago, but at least now we have a concrete wedding anniversary that we can celebrate.
  8. Beautiful tote - congratulations!
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  9. I love the past MJ bags, nothing from the newer designs has compelled me to buy. Hope they Revisit some old designs and add some new flair
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  10. I really need to look for velvet jeans! Thx for brands.

    I am not tracking clothing just seperating it this year. It is eye opening though just doing that!

    Ugh need to figure out jewelry situation. I need to figure out what I want to keep for my daughter then part with the rest. Going through it just seems so hard. Good for you for going through and letting stuff go!
  11. Lol! I was wondering where you were going with my bag!

    I explained the idea of a push present to my DH before I had my first and he was like - your present is a baby! But I had a rough labour and delievery and in the recovery room the nurse asked me if my love bracelet (one my mom had bought me years before) was a present for giving birth (swear I did not pay her to say this!) and I said no and DH immediately goes ‘but we are going to get her another one after she is released’. The day after I was released DH took me to Cartier and bought me a second love. He had so bought into the literal meaning of it lol! But yes now I am left with stretch marks and future private school costs...ugh
  12. The pic is of a pretty tote not a wallet. Which one did you just purchase? Do you love the item enough to “break in” the caviar? I knew with my red caviar jumbo that I was avoiding wearing it because of the plasticky caviar. So I eventually had to give in, sell it and buy one in lamb. The caviar tote I just bought isn’t plasticky. But, even if it was a teeny bit, I would wear it enough to soften it pretty quickly.

    So, just my two cents on materials. I hope it softens over time do you can love it!
    That was so sweet of your DH to do that for you. What a sweetie!!!!

    Mr. S is the spender and I’m the saver. We can both be pretty extreme in our approaches so, we balance each other out. Lol! Having very specific wish lists for each other helps. It keeps him from going rogue and me calm because I know he won’t go rogue. Oddly, he doesn’t really like to spend for himself. He will spoil me, the kids, his nieces, etc but we literally got irritated with each other this weekend because he neeeeeeds to buy some
    more jeans. He balked at $90 jeans. Makes no sense. But, if I glance at a Dior he’ll surprise me with it. What makes this even more cuckoo? He LOVES it when I buy him nice things. If I had bought him $500 jeans (I assume these exist lol!), he would have been as happy as a clam.

    We had talked about love languages before. He likes to give time and gifts. I like to receive time and acts of service - I’m not really a gift person. On the other end, I like to give time and acts of service. He likes to get time and gifts - he wouldn’t care if I ever lifted a finger to do anything except cook. :lol: The book was helpful for us because we irritated the heck out of each other at first. I thought - if he buys me one more doo dad but doesn’t do his flippin’ chores, I am going to stab him in the eye. And, I was busy doing stuff for him when he felt put off because he wanted me to spoil him with things.

    I think some of this is cultural. My family is thrifty as heck and works hard. I didn’t get messages that “stuff” mattered - saving, effort and pulling together is what matters. His family is relatively low income (he’s the only one with undergrad or grad degrees). He worked his butt off to be a successful man but, the little guy in him still remembers Christmases and birthdays where they had nothing. So, we try to honor each other’s outlook.
    My DD “helped” me figure out what she wanted. :lol: I didn’t have to wonder.
    Well, I’m “trying to go” to my house with your bag but, I’m not sure my efforts are working as well as I’d like. :roflmfao:

    That is a funny and sweet story about your love bracelets. And yay for the nurse!!!!

    Trust me. Being on the other end of private school tuitions felt like someone was just dumping money into our checking account the first few months. It’s crazy expensive. I see why DINKS look so calm, happy and carefree. :lol:
  13. Let me be grumpy for one minute.

    When I’m selling, I hate offers. People are never reasonable. I’ve gotten 5 offers on 4 different items in just the last two days. Not one of the offers was more than 60% of my asking price. Do people really think sending me a stupid offer is a good use of their time??

    I usually never list with an offer option. But eBay now changes listings automatically after a couple of weeks. Then inevitably I get a kooky offer and have to decline and go back in and reset my listing.

    Argh. I just hate it!
  14. My goal is to buy less bags because they really are the most expensive thing I buy as part of my wardrobe. I realized that I always love the look of leather jackets but felt that it was too pricey of a garment so I finally splurged on one and making that my treat instead of a bag and hoping to hold out on getting another bag until may
  15. I have an anti tarnish jewelry box . You put it in clean and the silver doesn’t tarnish. It made me really enjoy my silver stuff.