Your Hermes in action!

  1. Thank you! I am only 5'0, I guess that's the reason. . I love your K trench but I am so afraid of light colors on bags. For now, I'm settled staring at it with other people.
  2. OMG that bag? What is it?
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  3. Omg your trench k28 is so pretty
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  4. IMG_1492783700.315120.jpg
    Loving all my recent purchases
    Thanks for letting me share!
  5. IMG_1492783862.024001.jpg
    Kelly OZ mule and my workhorse B35 ! Ready for work
  6. That robot jacket though! :loveeyes:
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  7. Are you implying that I don't respect the craftsmanship or didn't have to work hard to earn my bags? If so, both are incorrect. Your opinion is yours but please don't make assumptions because people do things differently than you. And the CEO of Hermes USA told me the best way we can respect the craftsmen is to carry our bags with ease and allow them to be part of our lives and our personal history. Not treating them like they're made of glass.

    I googled, it's an old Feng Shui thing: Purse on the floor, money out the door.

    Whether you believe in that, or you would rather not see your bag run out the door potentially stolen is up to you but I prefer to keep my bag safe and "protect" my money/the hard work that went into buying it by not calling attention to it. Nothing screams "look at me and my precious handbag" than resting it on a blankie for all the world to see. People may not know what Hermes is but they will know something is up. I'd rather protect my bag by keeping it securely near me, even if that means on the floor sometimes.

    Things can be stolen anywhere, especially in "nice, safe places" My former SA told me the tragic tale of her client resting her Kelly next to her on a plush leather seat in the Ritz Carlton bar only to look at it 10 seconds later and have it be gone. Bags can be cleaned, they are hard to replace.
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  8. They look great i love your alphabet charm too assuming its Fendi? I wish my letter was made of pink fur haha
    You look ready to slay that work day
  9. I guess its a case of each to their own. Im always fiddling with things in my bag so if there is a seat next to me i bring it in close so i can always have access the floor can be annoying in that sense but if nothin else then down she goes. I won't baby my bags because i paid so much that they need to work for me not me work for them but i also can respect when people want to really look after their investment and if that works for them then im all for that too i wonder if anyone in TPF has had a bag stolen from them like a bag snatch (not house robbery)... Be interesting to know and i would hope the number of people is 0
  10. IMG_20170421_164430.jpeg riding shotgun still some stickers on the hardware hehe IMG_20170421_220003_324.jpeg today out shopping trying not to look like a weirdo by taking a pic of myself in their mirror
  11. I love that bag charm. Beautiful bag!
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  12. I hear that all the time! However my wallet is always in my pocket so the money isn't on the floor. I happily put my bag down (generally between my feet).
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  13. I agree, everyone can do what they're comfortable with but the post I quoted originally explicitly said not to put a bag on the floor. I'm not a big fan of broad statements on a forum about everyone's opinions. I'm sure we can rest this for now and everyone will go on doing exactly what makes them comfortable!

    I am from NY and grew up there during a very dangerous time so its my nature to assume things will be stolen etc. I realize not everyone is like that but it never hurts to be vigilant and aware of not just your possessions but the people around you who might be aware of them too. Even though I live in a safer place and time I don't drop my guard just because few people can ID Hermes bags.

    Enjoy your new Trench! It looks great on you, I tried a B35 in this color and it was very tempting but not the right bag at the right time.
  14. My b30 gold swift ! IMG_1492794715.518830.jpg
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  15. I'm happy to be able to comment on this issue because I just BOUGHT ONE ((((yippee)))
    I also thought the B25 is purely hand-held size but am thrilled that I got the opportunity to try and buy.... It is very difficult to put this bag over your wrist if you are wearing big bracelets (CDC, clic clac etc) however not so hard without those things. I slipped the bag right over my wrist and it actually went down my arm to passed the middle position of my forearm. I love the fact that it stopped there bc the color is so light but it doesn't hang down low enough to hit my pants =) NO COLOR TRANSFER ISSUES Hurrayy!!!! Plus B25 is upper light and can hold a lot. I'm on cloud 9 =)
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