Your Hermes in action!

  1. Out and about with my B25 in Prune. Thanks for letting me share!

  2. Thank you hun!
    Thank you dear! I love Rose Confetti too, fingers crossed for you!
  3. Can't agree more. Sitting on a floor can avoid careless waiters too. My box kelly got soaked once by a waiter. Luckily, I wiped quickly and it was fine:smile:.
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  4. Business outside, party on the inside.
  5. Congratulations! Trench is such a gorgeous color :heart:
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  6. S
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  8. IMG_1492743468.034609.jpg

    Hope this helps. My IPhone also can go inside but if cos I used it to take pictures!
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  9. Rami00, you are ready to party all night!
  10. I understand the safety concern, but it is not the problem where I live or the places I go to. It's more about keeping it clean. I also appreciate the craftsmanship and the 2-3 month salary I've put into it to put it on the floor. I guess I'll be less careful with my 2nd or 3rd bag. Thanks for the lexol wipes tip, def getting some.
  11. Setting your bag on the chair next to you and pushing it in keeps it safe from all elements, this is what I do when dining out. Its my preference to never ever set my bag on the floor.
  12. WHAT a gorgeous bag, the color is TDF. Love your whole outfit.
  13. IMG_1492771260.885382.jpg

    Today's work OOTd with the latest H bracelets, H boots and pardon me as I continue hazing my Verrou into the weekend!
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  14. I dont like the idea of bad karma ... I also like to not be conspicuous with my H bags because alot of people dont know what they are and their value which i much prefer for my own safety; my husband has asked some women before that he works with if they know the brand Hermes and all have responded no he never continued on to explain the brands value he just likes to ask people and tease me that no one knows the expensive brand I love lol. Usually i put my bag on a seat next to me if available but if no alternative ill place on the floor between my feet but i dont think i will do it with my trench K because of its colour as opposed to my black B; hopefully no bad karma for those moments im kind of superstitious so now you got me thinking!
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  15. Thankyou Chincac & Rami
    The b25 looks good on you and seems you can carry it in the crook of your arm . Some people complain thats the issue they have with the b25 that its purely handheld.