Your Hermes in action!

  1. Such a beauty!! :heart::love:
  2. Lunch date with DH a month ago :smile:
    ps: yup I've put a napkin underneath it as I didn't want any colour transfer #firstbirkinproblems :blush:lol
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  3. Cloudy day with Vache Natural B30... IMG_1492679686.738020.jpg
  4. The other day....from my IG. Really loving H rtw
  5. Love your outfit with the bag!!
  6. Love your dress too
  7. Hope you had a nice Easter break from the pics it looks like you were! The K looks divine in those pics
    Such a beautiful pink
    She is stunning!
    Lol i will probably do the same with my trench kelly i dont worry about my black B so much i even put it on the floor did anyone give you a funny look ?
    The birkin surely brightens up that cloudy day!
    The bag suits really well with the outfit
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  8. IMG_20170420_115107_20170421020717513_20170421024803397.jpeg my new k28 trench; this was an in home action shot playing with my new bag
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  9. Congratulations dear!! She is gorgeous :loveeyes::love:. Enjoy her in good health and post lots of pix.

    And please don't put your bags on the floor:no:, I've read on some other post that it's a bad "karma". Nobody gave me any looks when I put a napkin under my bag, or maybe I didn't care enough to notice :graucho::coolio: lol
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  10. Yes, I've heard that also and if there's not an extra seat available i just put it behind me in my seat or use a purse hanger and hang up from the table.
    I always put something under by bags when I placed them down even in my car
  11. Congrats great Photo really captures the color nicely enjoy your Kelly 28! Don't you just love the size, perfect
  12. I totally feel you:yes:. I sometimes grab one of my silk scarves and put it in the bag in case I have to put it down somewhere. I saw on the Hermès wild life thread a pic of a lady who put her exotic croc B on the floor at a bakery :wtf:. I wasn't that careful before I got my B, but now, I'd rather give her my chair and eat standing :graucho: lol. I was lucky so far to find an extra seat for her, but I need to get a purse hanger soon. Any recommendations? How would a birkin 30 look like hanging off a table? Would a purse hanger support the weight of the bag and its content? Wish there was a "Purse Hangers" thread :yes:

    Sorry for going off subject
  13. Hi there! My verrou 21 can at 1 time contains the following: iphone 7 plus, iPad mini, calvi card holder, Bastia coin pouch, my small drawstring hermes dustbag (recycle from my H shoes) containing my car key and other keys, pens, power bank, lipstick. Rather a lot!
  14. The more you baby a bag and call attention to it out in the world, i.e.: padding or a blanket, it's own chair, hanging it off the side of a table-the more conspicuous you make the bag which to me is far more dangerous than it sitting on the floor. Don't make your bag a target because you're afraid of it getting dirty. Better to be safe and get some Lexol wipes to wipe it down if you do have to put it some place like the floor under the table safely by your feet.
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  15. thank you dear! :hugs:

    thank you. i had a great time! and congrats on your new K..:smile:
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