Scarves Your Grail Scarf

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  1. I would love to meet for tea in a Japanese tea garden wearing our Ecume mousses, Thank you @scarf1 @Cookiefiend , @ElainePG , @Luvbolide , @xincinsin , @calexandre!
    A quick modeling shot and more photos pn my IG.
  2. That would be great, calexandre!
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  5. Many congrats dear lanit, it's a beauty!
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  6. Thanks so much blydia, Flatiger, textile and all the Likers! It isa dreamy silk for sure!:heart::hbeat:
  7. Scarf mail! I have been looking for La danse scarf for a few years now, as I have been a ballet season ticket holder for years. Finally pulled the trigger on this one. Mousseline PM. Currently airing out as it arrived somewhat perfumey.
    Think this is from around 2003?

  8. Congratulation on this beauty, scarf! We're twins on this PM.
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  9. perfect!!!
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  10. Thank you! Although I thought yours might be from the earlier issue with green on the border?

    Thank you! It ‘s getting wrapped for Xmas, but our first ballet performance is in late January.
  11. Congrats on y'alls grails lanit and scarf1! They are beautiful!!!
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  12. Thank you!
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  13. I don't know the year bc it was a 2nd hand purchase years ago.
  14. jersey fluide carre.jpg My Grail Scarf. Bought in 2011, a jersey fluide carre, I will never let go of my jersey fluide carre(s) as it seems that hermes already discontinued this material... I love its texture as it gently hugs the body, and it hides my unsightly body bumps :smile:
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  15. < sigh > Such a beauty!
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