Scarves Your Grail Scarf

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  1. Do you have a Grail scarf? A scarf that MUST be yours, one you will treasure and enjoy forever. It would be the ONE scarf you would never let go. Have you managed to acquire it or are you still looking? Please post a pic if you have one.
  2. Still looking for Phaeton in a light blue colorway. The last one I saw I was outbid by $2.00.
  3. My Grail scarf is the Voie Lactee. I love astronomy and this scarf just 'dings' me. I have it in two colorways now, thanks to the Grail scarf Fairy.


    The black one even glows in the dark!!
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  4. Is this the one HG, but in blue? What is it about this one that makes it your Grail scarf?

  5. Les Parisians!!! my grail scarf made all the more special because it was given to me by wonderful friends!:heart:
  6. CB, I love your scarf, what is it about this scarf that you find irresistible?
  7. Grands Fonds. Thanks to the Grail Scarf Fairy, that hunt has just ended. :yahoo:
  8. Tods, could you share what it is about Grands Fonds that 'dings' you? Do you have a pic?
  9. Oh, and I forgot, Turandot. Well you guys all know how that ended. :yes:
  10. Rose, besides the fact that it's a stunning design, which everyone here can attest to, I am also a very serious scuba diver. That scarf looks just like a coral reef!

    I don't have pics yet, DH is at home (and awake). Must wait until he's asleep.
  11. "Tekels" Because I love Dachshunds. No I do not have it.
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  12. ^^^ Thanks, that's what I meant....I love learning a little something new about my fellow scarf lovers. Scuba diver, wow!

  13. This one E?

  14. uh...

    Grand Fonds in aqua
    Rencontre Oceane in lime
    Geishas (Les Japonaise)
    Etude DeRenard
    Le Tarot in another colorway than the one I have...
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  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: QM, Choose ONE!!!!