Scarves Your Grail Scarf

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  1. Yay! I love seeing your scarf mail! Beautiful! Perfect!! It looks wonderful on you!
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  2. Wow, what a great addition to your collection. The colorway suits you very well!
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  3. It’s always dangerous for me to explore this thread because I usually find a few ones I “need”. I wanted to share my 2 grails scarves I’ve wanted for a while... Grand Nord and Rencontre Oceane


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  4. Finally I found my black SEMELLES!

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  6. Thank you so much, xincinsin!
  7. Simply stunning and absolutely HG
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  9. Yep :smile:
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  11. What a lovely neutral! It ties beautifully. Congratulations!
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  12. Thank you all so kindly, papertiger, FlaTiger, scarf & JRTgal!
    your little darling always put a smile on my face!
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  13. It’s a beauty! And I love how you tied it. :love: Congratulations on getting it! :drinkup:
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  14. I am obsessed with any The Savana Dance or La Marche du Zambeze scarf. I just love their patterns and the mix of colors is crazy.
    I recently got a 140 cm Savana Dance cashmere shawl in coral and lemon as well as a gavroche (in bright red with a burgundy frame).
    But I never managed to get a Marche du Zambeze scarf. Someday I will!...[​IMG][​IMG]
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  15. Thank you so much, HNN!
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