Scarves Your Grail Scarf

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  1. You always look great and very much a natural fit with mousselines; I think this Ecume must be your very loveliest.
    What a design !
    You’ve been so patient to wait for one that is simple perfection.
    Like Lanit, mousselines seem to be your format , this is just amazing on you.
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  2. That’s a super rare piece, you’re right to treasure it.
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  3. Perfectly you Scarf! Love that it is your early Xmas gift. Think I will follow that idea with my Ecume!

    Thank you bunny!

    Thank you kindly froufrou. Only us scarfies know the pleasure of landing our sought after grails. My tansu feels very complete now. Truly.:heart::hugs:
  4. Thank you, all!

  5. Is this the colorway that’s mostly cream and grey?
  6. Scarf mail! I'm so excited to finally have hunted down this absolute grail to me. L'arbre du vent by Monet Lugo. I was lusting after the purple one for the longest time, but when this popped up on Vestiaire Collective I figured this would actually work better with my coloring and wardrobe.

    I absolutely love the Wixitari/Huichol art inspired design. They consume peyote, a mescaline containing cactus, in their shamanic rituals. I'm pretty sure the visuals in Huichol art are reflective of the visuals when tripping on mescaline.
    On that note, they should have brought this design back for the 2019 theme...

    IMG_8431.jpeg IMG_8451.jpeg IMG_8455.jpeg
    IMG_8457.jpeg IMG_8437.jpeg IMG_8443.jpeg
  7. Congrats! Beautiful on you!
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  8. Beautiful! I love the way this pops on the white!
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  9. This looks fabulous on you! Congratulations!
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  10. very very nice! and versatile in that different tie approach yields a “different” pattern.
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  11. Congrats!! Totally get your obsession with this scarf design. It’s pretty much what started my overall obsession with H scarves
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  12. thank you scarf, bunny and Elaine!
    thank you!
    it is very versatile and the pallet is quite subdued, so I’m sure it’ll get a ton of wear!

    thanks! mine too, a coworker was wearing this design in the black/colorful cw and I was like - girl. what is that fabulous piece of cloth around your neck and where can I get me some of that. (I only knew Hermès for expensive/exclusive handbags and had never set foot in a store) unfortunately this was a year after l‘arbre du vent so i missed it at the time.
  13. I can appreciate how great this looks seeing it here, I didn’t even notice the design before , so thank you !
    Love the white accents against the blues.
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  14. This scarf looks lovely on you. I've never seen it in this cw before. I have the aqua/magenta one, but the different cws makes it look like a completely different scarf. Perfect for stocking up on doubles...just kidding!!
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  15. Wow WOW Wow! So gorgeous and ethereal! Congrats on your marvelous find! I love the modeling shots...pure joy!
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