Your Chloe in Action!

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  1. IMG_0240.jpg
    Brought the pretty Nile out the other day to have brunch [emoji16][emoji16] love her so much!
  2. Mini Pixie waiting for lunch:
  3. My Second Chloe!
    Bought this baby from hgbags online
    and My original was from Tradesy for only $600!:heart:

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  4. IMG_4902.jpg
    Chloé Kurtis... still the most unique bag that I own. I don’t use her enough just because she is not the most functional for my needs, yet whenever I use her, I am always strike by the unique, beautiful details... it is just right balance between edgy, simple, unique, unusual but beautiful...
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  5. Out for brunch!

  6. Here is a real action one! [emoji1]

  7. 0500B597-AEDF-4BA0-9EA9-0446B2EE2273.jpeg
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  8. 9AA2C2C2-0A5E-430A-8F0F-3E1B9C6991D4.jpeg
    Me and my gal out for a pretty Spring weekend in Vermont. Chloe Small Backpack in Tan
  9. Out for lunch with my new Nile minaudière in fuchsia rose :smile:

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  10. Beautiful bag! May I ask where in Sweden you bought it? What store? :smile:
  11. Here she is otw to work :biggrin:

    Attached Files:

  12. Not really a Chloe, but a See by Chloe Hana Tote in motty grey. Got her yesterday and she is at work with me. Love her!
  13. can I ask you what really fits in this bag?
  14. Love this!
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