Your Chloe in Action!

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  1. Paraty

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  2. Lunch break with my Faye

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  4. Hi. Both bags so drool worthy! I saw a Faye review on you tube that says this bag is heavy. What do u think? Thanks.
  5. Very nice looking bag. I’m still on the fence of getting Drew because I’m worried it will look too similar to my Chloe Hudson. Now looking at your photo I feel so tempted again!
  6. Chloé Alice brought me luck a few weeks ago: free upgrade to business class[emoji5]
    The man next to me moved to another seat after I spent about 5 minutes positioning and taking photo of the bag xD Well Chloé got a seat all to herself.

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  7. upload_2018-9-23_19-48-43.png

    loving this baby :cool:
  8. Will be switching to my mini bag this evening
  9. Picked up a Chloe alphabet charm :loveeyes: 15% off signing up for Neiman Marcus, and 11% cash back, so $75! The d-ring is sold out everywhere, but I'm kind of glad. Not sure I could get away with a $60 brass d-ring when I bought a pack of 10 brass rings from Etsy for $5 haha.

    Trying to figure out which way looks nicer on my Faye. Let me know your thoughts! I love that it can also be a pendant necklace :love:

    I was choosing between this or the Louis Vuitton or Celine alphabet necklaces, but in the end Chloe ended up being more my aesthetic, and I loved that I could put it on my HG Faye. Plus the price made the choice very easy :angel:

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  10. bellebellebelle19 What a gorgeous Faye you have! I prefer the pendant on the side of the bag! And it would pair beautifully as a necklace too! :flowers:
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  11. Thank you so much :biggrin::blush: My boyfriend felt the side looked better too, plus it makes a loud jingly noise on the front. I wore it as a necklace this past week and loved it! Definitely recommend if anyone out there is thinking of it :smile:
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  12. Every time I see the Paraty I love it more! Was hoping there might be one in Bicester when I went a few weeks ago but sadly not. Will have to keep searching pre loved.
    Beautiful bag and colour x
  13. BEDB310D-5DD4-414D-82CB-95A5F8277226.jpeg My blast from the past made the perfect 70s disco bag :biggrin:
  14. I ordered this in yellow last week and I was so pleasantly surprised at how roomy it was and how it sat on me with the shoulder strap.. so I couldn't resist picking it up in red!

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