Your Chloe in Action!

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  1. By popular demand, it's time we have our own showcase thread showing off our many looks wearing our Chloe bags!!! So here it is ladies and gents, this is the thread where we can post pictures of ourselves carrying our bags, wearing our shoes and other Chloe accessories!

    The question of "what can I wear with... (insert color or bag style)" is often asked here. This gives us an idea of different outfit combos to use with various colors and to see Chloe dressed up or dressed down. Additionally, it gives us all some fantastic eye-candy to look at. :graucho:

    Please feel free to crop your face or whatever you want to protect your privacy, or be daring and let us all admire your beautiful smiles! Have fun!

    Credits: I totally copied most of this text from Japster in the Hermes thread, and I think Debsmith should get some serious kudos for getting my off my butt to start this thread! You ladies rock!
  2. Great thread....thank you Jag!!!

    Here's me and my 2005 Tan Soho Hobo I got last Spring....heavy as lead but I do love it! I had thought about selling her but quickly came to my senses. LOL!! :love:
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  3. here's my one and only Chloe Paddington in Ivory:
    chloe paddington 001.jpg chloe paddington 003.jpg
  4. Way to work those Chloes ladies! You both look fabulous!
  5. Here is my small black Ascot satchel in action...
    Chloe Ascot1.jpeg Chloe Ascot2.jpeg Chloe Ascot3.jpeg
  6. And here is my other Chloe, a gris clair 2-zip Gladys...
    Chloe Gladys1.jpeg Chloe Gladys2.jpeg Chloe Gladys3.jpeg
  7. My hazelnut Silverado :nuts:


  8. Wow, love these bags, and everyone wears them so well.
  9. Here I am with my 06 chocolate satchel - still getting used to the camera I got for xmas....
    newbag.JPG nweer.JPG
  10. Everyone looks so fabulous!!! I have to figure out what I am going to wear today!
  11. Fab pics, and fab bags everyone!!
    I'm in lounge gear today, so no pics from this side of the world:shame:
    But i will sort some soon...;)

  12. Did you get your Gladys from BG? Wondering if the color on the site is off. The one on the site looks more like a light yellow whereas yours looks grey. Yours is very cute on you.
  13. Great outfits everyone :yes:

    Here are some outfits with my Chloe Mini Saddle bags and my Silver Silverado
    Mini saddle green 1.jpg Mini saddle baby blue 1.jpg Mini saddle white 1.jpg Silver Silverado 2.jpg Silver Silverado 1.jpg
  14. These are outfits with my bleu nuit and tobacco paddingtons
    Tobacco 2.jpg Tobacco 1.jpg Bleu nuit 2.jpg Bleu nuit 1.jpg Bleu nuit 3.jpg
  15. And my black hobo paddington which i've now let go off early in December :crybaby:

    By the way, THANKS Jag... what a great thread for us Chloe addicts and newbies alike :yes:
    Black Hobo 1.jpg