Your Chloe in Action!

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  1. Thank you! :smile:
  2. Wore my favorite Chloe dress to work today. I'd love to see more RTW on this thread! IMG_20180808_083921~2.jpg
  3. Very lovely!! I'm a big fan of Chloe RTW (although I'm not sure how I feel about the new direction yet), and I too would love to see more.
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  4. So chic!
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  5. IMG_1218.jpg

    My lovely Faye [emoji179]
  6. Two new Chloe cardigans for fall, the first is cashmere and the second is wool-cotton blend. (That is, new-to-me. Both are from Therealreal in excellent condition - love that site!) IMG_20180816_154439~2.jpg IMG_20180816_154209~2.jpg
  7. Damn, that's a good looking bag!!!!
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  8. I’m obsessed with it, thank you kindly.
  9. Hey! Could you post a picture of what fits in this bag? I’m seriously considering it but can’t find how people pack this bag anywhere!
  10. My Chloe is resting next to his new buddy. Chloe has worked hard over the Summer and will continue to do so into the Fall :biggrin::heart:

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  11. Alright so I did a lot of research actually and settled on a small Drew and just ordered it last night! It’s from eBay and had authentication by Rebag. So excited, I actually sold my neverfull to fund it because I’ve always wanted a Drew.

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  12. Awesome cardigans, you look great!!! :smile: Great finds! I love Chloe RTW & will try to remember to post pics! I’d love to see more too! :smile:
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  13. Really pretty, I love the contrasting colors! Great job researching, hard work paid off! :smile: Congrats & enjoy! :smile:
  14. Yes, please do post pics! I would love to see!! :smile:
  15. These colors and textures are perfect for fall!

    What a beautiful Drew! I've not seen one like this before.
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