Your Chloe in Action!

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  1. Is this the mini? Sooo beautiful! I’m usually an LV girl but am considering my first Chloe bag.
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  2. It is the mini. I’m mainly an LV girl, but like branching out periodically. This was just too cute to pass up!
  3. How do you carry your phone when you’re out with this bag? I love the style, but am at a loss as to where I’d store my phone in warmer weather.
  4. Taken last weekend: happy hour with my girlfriends! Love how compact my mini marcie is but can still carry my essentials[emoji7]

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  5. Mini Pixie:
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  6. Finally some spring weather. My white paddies get days out :flowers:

  7. love this colour! how are you liking the card holder?
  8. Indeed the color is so feminine.. I am rocking it! I love it not too small not too bulky.. i think its a good size :smile: in the back it has four slots that i fit in my id, debit card, credit card, insurance
    And there is a vertical slot that i dont really use.. the rest of cards and some cash i put in the zipped section :heart: i love the hardware details with the knot.. so beautiful :heart:
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  9. It finally feels like spring!
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  10. IMG_2599.JPG
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  11. Love the whole look!
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  12. Lovely! It suits you :smile:
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  14. Thank you kindly!
  15. I don't use this bag enough. LOVE her.

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