Your CELINE in action PICS!

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  1. OMG Sophia!! ❤️Lucky YOU! Well deserved- such an exquisite piece with some history behind it being her last collection!
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  2. Thank you so much! Always lovely seeing you on here!
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  3. Forgot to share my Cabas Phantom in Light Camel Natural Calfskin I got a few months back. I had to get a new one before the logo change. He’s (my Cabas bags are all boys because I feel they look quite masculine) safely tucked away until my current Cabas bags die out :flowers:

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  4. I didn't realise the cabas comes in natural calfskin! What a beauty!
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  5. Wow. Really love looking at this! I love the shape so much and also the color. This was the exact one I fell in love with, but with no handle, I started thinking about the eyelet purse..then again the latter was not in camel.. you see my dilemma. You did the best thing possible, getting both :heart: Maybe I go back to hunting. I start doubting my decision of having one bag in different colors.

    Wear them both in good health and if you feel like, share (lots of) pictures of you with them. And of course, I cant wait to catch a glimpse at your many beautiful PP objects :smile: I love your taste.
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  6. :hugs::winkiss:
    Ok, NOW you are REALLY making me jealous:lol::yes::drool:w/ your light camel Cabas!!! I love how you say “he” for this style:tup::hbeat::girlsigh:
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  7. You're so kind!

    Honestly, the Camel Purse Clutch is a PAIN to carry. Given that it's a bigger size for a clutch, the base is also soft so it's hard to get a firm hold on the bag. I purchased the bag for the aesthetics, but it really REALLY is difficult to carry.
  8. I bet that smells divine! As well as looking fabulous :0)
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  9. Most amazing color... you have great taste!
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  10. [​IMG]
    Kicking off the first work day of the year last week with my first Celine Box - in anthracite. So in love with her!
  11. Haven’t changed out of this nano belt bag since I bought it last year

  12. Could you recommend this bag as a work bag, too?
  13. This is the nano and it’s quite small, about 8” in width. I also have a mini which is about 11” in width and I have used it for work but due to the triangular shape I can’t put a laptop or A4 papers inside. I use the cabas belt bag if I need bigger :smile:
  14. Not a very stylish outfit, but thought I'd share anyway! My lovely Belt bag, I do so love this bag... R0030968.jpg
  15. Belt bag just suits any outfit doesn’t it :love: and your blunt bob looks fabulous :ghi5:
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