Your CELINE in action PICS!

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  1. Thank you so much! :heart: I appreciate that :flowers::flowers:
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  2. Maiden voyage of my Mini Belt in Abyss Blue. We were at Uniqlo, Ion. 20190107_171858.jpg
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  3. Finally got myself a Phantom bag after debating over a year with myself. Took the bag out the first time today :smile:

  4. Beautiful colour
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  5. TriFold :smile: for hair salon day

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  6. An earlier evolution of Phoebe’s medium luggage tote. My beloved Manbag, workbag, elegant rain weather bag.

  7. I can’t tell you how happy I am that this bag never reached the chopping block. So lovely to see it again, such a beauty xx
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  8. The more of this bag I see, the more I want one. :angel:
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  9. :wave::wave:Hello & thank you Lovelies!! So fab seeing you my dearest BC & haha, this 1 is a keeper:yes:
    Best of luck deciding @eunaddict whether or not to get one...i highly recommend it if you love the design. Lots of great organization inside plus I just think it’s a unique, chic bag (I’m thinking my girl @BlueCherry would agree!):drinks:
  10. :ps: :happydance::hbeat::coolio:You look HOT:graucho::graucho::graucho:(sorry if that sounds rude in any way as I only mean it as a compliment!):girlsigh: You carry & styled your Luggage PERFECTLY!!!!
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  12. I’ve noticed lately I’d try to reach to my red box whenever my toddler is not with me lol! First pic was me out in an art museum on a date with hubby last week. Second pic was me shopping with my older one yesterday!


  13. 6AE32BE2-DC05-4360-B324-A9D62A502123.jpeg Going out with my micro’s freezing cold outside..
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  14. LOVE how you styled this! Also love the concept of an elegant rain weather bag
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  15. Shopping day with my baby Small Celine Python Classic Box, cheers :smile: IMG_20190126_100742.jpg