Your CELINE in action PICS!

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  1. "Sharing is good" but here in the sinful world of bag hags 'Enabling is better"
    Paging all CELINE purse owners! Let the action PICS begin! Post away ladies:biggrin:
  2. If I may... I would like to begin and share my homework for the day:biggrin:

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  3. woohoo!!! :woohoo: won't be able to share anytime soon... in the meantime, will have to oggle at everyone's pics and kill myself w/ envy! :greengrin:

    ^kat, camel goes perfectly w/ turq! luv that dress! :drool:
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  4. LOL! ladies beware of the lovely Purse-nality! she is an insanely good enabler I tell you:nuts:

    Charm, I swear I cant wait to see yours and the mod pics! you got me into this craze! seriously look what you've done...hahah!!! now Im even ogling at another zip version arghhhhhhhhh!!!
  5. [​IMG]

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  6. :heart::nuts: OMG! I love love love your outfit!
  7. really? I think I look silly in dresses... a mom like me swears by shorts and shirts 7x a week hehe...
  8. born, you are beautiful in dresses, please show us more!
    You look lovely in that black dress against your camel, so chic!;)
    Gosh, I am already thinking next bag and mine hasn't arrived yet...:lol:
  9. born you look so amazing in dresses!

    flower71 I really can't wait to see your photos with your awesome classic box!
  10. LOL! Im not good friends w/ wardrobe dept is composed of shorts, shorts and shorts oh were on the same boat! this morning I was thinking another zip in another color hahah!
  11. ^Addicted aren't we??? lol!
  12. born, i love love LOVE the black outfit w/ the cute hat! very chic!
  13. This looks great on you!
  14. consolidating mod pics... hope you don't mind ladies...

    the ultimate Leo bag. in the words of Sasha Charnin Morrison, Fashion Director of Us Magazine, "the Leopard version is BEYOND sick and would never kick that out of bed".

    the fab gchandler5...

  15. and the lovely lufc_girl...

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