Your CELINE in action PICS!

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  1. Looking great - we could be outfit twins today :ghi5:
  2. IMG_1661.jpg First time taking my new box bag out!
  3. Oh that’s so funny!
    Great style on both sides of the North Sea then [emoji108] And thank you, it’s beginning to look like winter here so the big boots are on[emoji28]
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  4. Love this look!
    And also I want this wallpaper in my bathroom!
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  5. Yes lol and the scarves
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  6. Miss boxy is my companion of the day it’s so cold here stay toasty ladies IMG_2860.jpg
  7. Beautiful leather! Wear in good health xx
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  9. My Summer 2014 Runway Black Triangle folded over as a clutch and catching some sun today before heading out for Thanksgivings - wishing everyone a great day!

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  10. Happy holidays. Stunning
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  11. Always happy when using a Céline [emoji173]️

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  12. Finally got my hands on the Purse with Eyelets from Summer 2018. Phoebe’s final runway collection :angel:

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  13. This is really lovely and one ticked off your list :smile:

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  14. Very good catch. This is one I have been tempted to hunt as well, then I changed my mind and went for the small camel box. Oh boy, I would have loved this one in camel!
    Back to yours: very beautiful and with that little extra that only PP knows how to deliver. Wear it in good health.

    Btw, did I already post somewhere that I really would love to see your Céline Collection ? I would love to. I enjoy your posts a lot :heart:
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  15. You are so sweet! My mom and I are the biggest Phoebe fans, so we usually love purchasing runway and seasonal items. You should see her Phoebe RTW and Shoes collection - it is CRAZY.

    I'll try to snap a picture of my updated PP's Celine collection. I have bags all over so it's hard to get them all into the same place!

    As for you, you can't go wrong with the Camel Box! I love how Box Calfskin ages. As for the Camel Clutch from Summer 2018 - it took me AGES to hunt it down this summer. I attached a picture! It is beautiful, but it is a bit cumbersome to carry because of the size and no handle option!

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