Your CELINE in action PICS!

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  1. Was in a very lazy Sunday streetwear mood yesterday, hence the ratty t-shirt and Vans [emoji28] IMG_4471.jpg
  2. I can’t tell you how much I love this look :ghi5: I have the same bag in blue and absolutely adore it. So wish I had bought another at the time ...
  3. Thank you BlueCherry! I actually saved your blue Trifold pics when I was considering this style... Such a beautiful blue [emoji170]
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  4. Love this bag...seamless transition from work bag to weekend bag. I’m so tempted to get another in Taupe. [emoji51] IMG_5037.jpg
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  5. Thank you :flowers:
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  6. First time out and I love this one already

  7. I love the colour here!
  8. I have it in white and black and love it so much!
  9. Love love blue leather from Céline! 20181113_140401.jpg
  10. Just can’t get enough of this bag. Perfect everyday companion [emoji7]

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  11. OMGGG what a fabulous collection!!!
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  12. Thank you [emoji4]:hugs:
  13. Feeling blue today! IMG_0417.JPG
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