Your CELINE in action PICS!

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  1. Thank you

    You don’t want a Luggage, you don’t want a Luggage...LOL
  2. Love your collection!
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  3. You DO want a luggage :lol:
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  4. Thank you :hugs:
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  5. My seau sangle at work today ... and yes he’s allowed to lay on the desk :roflmfao:

  6. You're not helping!!!
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  7. May I ask if the bag fits a laptop?
  8. No, this is the small size, it can only fit an iPad. There is a bigger size and you’ll recognise it as it has external slip pockets to the bottom half. I had that one briefly and I could put my MacBook Pro in it but you can’t close the bag by the hook
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  9. Box in Amazone (forest green)

  10. This is the bag I'd been looking for but the colour is sold out!! You are so lucky. Enjoy using your bag :smile:
  11. Thank you :smile: Purchased in London at Harrod’s!
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  12. IMG_9762.jpg IMG_9767.jpg

    More of the same :smile:
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  13. Chilling on a Sunday

  14. Thank you! It is definitely worth the splurge ;)
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