Your CELINE in action PICS!

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  1. First things first in Fukuoka: ramen line-up! :P
    (w/ nano luggage in kohl)
  2. Using my Céline Strap Medium Multifunction wallet
  3. 1B4EB8F4-3DFE-437C-BDFA-FABAC8FFD21F.jpeg This has got to be the perfect night out bag!
  4. Stunning! This looks so elegant yet edfortless, now I want one too!
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  5. Love!! Thank you so much!!!
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  6. Thank you!!!
  7. Lovely colour!
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  8. Thank you :flowers:

    FYI it’s frost colour with silver hardware :smile:
  9. Love love the frost color on the nano belt bag! I sooo regret I didn’t get it last summer! :crybaby: Now it seems impossible to find!
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  10. Yes it’s a beautiful fresh colour and of course the silver hardware is less usual too. Hope you manage to find one in time :smile:
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  11. LOVE your overall styling!
  12. It's great to see someone really LIVE in their bag. You make it look so chic. Gives me confidence to not baby my bag. Kudos!
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  13. Of course I forgot to actually reply to the post... This one's for you, kendogger [emoji28]
  14. Couple of pics of a very casual dressed me and my Micro Belt.
  15. Forgot to add pics... R0031134.jpg
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