Your CELINE in action PICS!

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  1. Thank you [emoji18]
  2. R0031330.jpg Went to London last week, with my Micro belt bag.
  3. good old Paris...and my travel purse - small trio

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  4. Classic Box. dont see this color/leather often. a bit shiny but not it the grey tone.

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  5. Finally it’s spring time in Norway[emoji108] IMG_1168.JPG
  6. IMG_3640.JPG

    One of my faves[emoji7]
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  7. 1566B596-63B5-49E1-A98E-F4377D5D9ADF.jpg

    Having a second wave of obsession w/ my Medium Trifold in black supple natural calfskin. I can't believe I almost sold this bag! The smell & leather texture are amazing.
  8. LOVE natural calfskin!
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  9. #7854 May 5, 2019
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    80F7AF65-2DFB-4D08-B8A9-199BD3B3EC97.jpeg Went shopping with my box for the first time
  10. Looks so good on you. I’ll never sell my trifold ...
  11. Thanks so much! I used to stalk your photos of the trifold before getting mine...
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  12. Lol, that’s great to hear we can all inspire each other :smile:
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  13. I hope this counts! Completely forgot about my first little taste of Celine, till I was emptying out my closet in Canada.
    Celine x Born Free

  14. Omg I am in love with that bag.... I want it so bad, but not sure which size/color to get!
  15. C bag.

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