Will someone please make her eat???

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  1. [​IMG]

    She can't even carry a stuffed animal!!! Bonus points:

    Name her bag!
    And laugh at the fake LV :biggrin: in the background!
  2. crap she is getting smaller and smaller!!! but i do totally envy her for fitting those boots - i would never be able to get my calves into them!
  3. I think my 4 yr old weights more than her, poor thing! Are those boots suppose to have that much room in them, they look like rubber rain boots! I think it's time for some intervention from her fiance or family....never thought I'd say this but, THAT is too thin! I got sidetracked her bag is a beautiful Hermes Birkin....:love:
  4. Gosh, I knew Birkins were big, but she's so skinny she looks like SHE could fit in the bag.
  5. You made me laugh LOUD! The fake LV in the background...hilarious...only here on this forum do we notice such things...so FUNNY!
  6. Where is she ?? !!!! All I can see is a big brown bear (oh and the fake lv )
  7. good gawd. she really IS a skeleton.
  8. She looks awful.:sick:. lol@the fake Vuitton.
  9. :lol: at the fake LV!!!
  10. at first i thought that she wouldve have been of the olsen twins... buts its nicole. gosh.... wow... she is really thin......

    lol @ the LV
  11. :sad: That girl is too thin!

  12. Her head is way too big for her little body now. Someone needs to take that girl to a buffee!
  13. LOVEEEEEEEEE her bag! :love:
  14. lol! Her head does look big. She looks like one of those bobble head dolls.
  15. I've had this as my new avatar all day.

    ps- i have those sunglasses on Tiny Richie!! YAY eBay!