Will someone please make her eat???

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  1. That Birkin is WAY too big for her. I'd be happy to take it off her hands!
  2. Aww.. the bear is adorable though !

    And the fake LV is henious, it shouldn't be allowed near Hermes !
  3. Great bag!!! and BTW who cares if she eats!!!!!
  4. haha ewwwwwwwwwwwy
  5. Poor girl. Stress will do that to you! lol @ the fake LV

    Winonna those are Vintage Ted Lapidus sunglasses she's wearing how'd you come by those?
  6. She needs room in her fridge to store her bags... thats why she stopped eating..

  7. HAHAHAHA wow good stuff
  8. *shoves a hamburger at her*
  9. seriously......how does she survive? if she did any physical activity, her body would collapse on her.
  10. Ewwwww..........she's so thin. I wonder her breasts are limpy.
  11. Y'all have Hawk eyes about that fake LV!! lol I'm such an amateur!
  12. That bear is actually a TY Beanie Baby..only four inches tall. She is getting small!!

  13. Dude, I know they are Lapidus. eBay. They usually sell for about 315 when they are listed, but the person who listed mine accidentaly listed them under LADIPUS! I got them for $50!!
  14. If you look close, the brass feet on the bottom of it give it away :amuse:
  15. I am i the only person that thinks nicole looks good. I would love her will power to slim down that much.