Will someone please make her eat???

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  1. These pix are soo sad...good thing is that she admitted to Vanity Fair that she's working on putting on the weight that she has supposedly lost due to 'stress'. Good for her.

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  2. I read that recently as well. It'll be interesting to see how things work out with her, especially considering that if she got any thinner she just may very well disappear altogether.
  3. Wow, she is scary thin.
  4. yep. that black bikini picture should be a wake-up call for nicole...

    seriously, sideways it seems as though she almost disappears.
  5. I love her birkin!!!does any one know what kind of leather ?
  6. i love her bag collection!
  7. hm....I think I m double her size.......:biggrin:
  8. is she wasting away or is it just in comparison to the humoungus stuffed animan
  9. Her calves are so skinny those boots kinda look like rain boots on her. =P

  10. I think she is around 110lbs(muscle). And I don't think she is too skinny.

    Nicole Richie is too skinny, not J.A.
  11. ick. shes the size of my thigh. thats wrong.

    oh speaking of fake LVs, i saw a fake speedy wiht feet while shopping the other day. a 15-16 year old was carrying it. and she sort of elevator eyed me to check out my outfit. and she sorta scoffed. wearing abercrombie head to toe with her fake bag. and then! she added in a icky tone: where is your bag from? its not designer is it?

    hahaha psh!! i'm 16 too, and i was carrying my ferragamo kelly bag.

    sorry i had to rant.
  12. If she wasn't all done up and dressed up, I would think she was poor and starving, instead of a hollywood starlet.
  13. What's really scary is that her head is too big for her body now! The same thing happened to Star Jones-Reynolds.

    They look out of proprtion.