Will someone please make her eat???

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  1. Ugh. This is so sad.
    She obviously went from one out of control life threatening coping mechanism (drug abuse) to another (anorexia). She needs and intervention, EDs KILL.
  2. whah?:unsure: Umm are those "feet" on a speedy? Hmm- well that's a sheer cry of a fake....
  3. :weird:

    OMG. [shakes head]
  4. I have the urge to feed her some taco bell or a big mac.
  5. the bag looks great.. she looks thin.. and its so sad that the media loves her for it and teenagers idolize her for her thinness.... i know girls who are 9 yrs old obsessing about dieting-- dood, eat and have fun! its not about the thighs, but the BAG THE BAG!!! lol.. jkjk!
  6. :sick: :sick: :sick:

    Here are soem recent pics of Nicole Richie- I'm sorry but when 00 size jeans are falling off you- you way to small.....that and her arms are sick- they look like twiggs!

    The last pic is Mary Kate- I just threw it in b/c she is going back to looking unhealthy again!That and her get up reminds me of a call girl.

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  7. I saw that too! Check out the metal 'feet'
  8. i think it must be really hard for her ( or all the celebs) though; the whole world is constantly watching. That will be too much pressure :sad: ( and only eating/not eating makes they feel in control !?)
  9. I heard on the news this morning that she finally confessed to having an eating disorder. Very sad.
  10. ^^I hope that's true and she can finally get some help. I was so tired of people justifying her size saying she's 'naturally thin'.
  11. And to think that the camera puts on extra pounds! I saw Tori Spelling at the airport and I couldn't believe how much skinner she was in person than on TV. What pressure they must put on themselves.
  12. im reading about anorexia and i feel really sad for those who has eating disorders:sad:
  13. How can the people around her (friends, boyfriend...) let her do this to herself?
  14. ^^That's the same thing I wonder. If I was Lionel Richie I would've cut her off (financially) until she got help or started eating more.
  15. Hello!!!!!!!!!! The camera puts pounds ON you:amazed:-that means IRL she's even SKINNIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEKK!!! That girls is the skinniest thing I've ever seen in my life. It's really scary-I hope she gets help ASAP.