Will someone please make her eat???

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  1. A good friend of mine takes the images of Hollywood too seriously. She thinks that's how normal women look and she has an eatting dissorder now. Hers is by eatting anything she wants (which is usually fast food) and then she takes laxatives to flush it all out. She thinks it's ok to do and wont get help. Nicole is not being a good role model to teens or even adults.
  2. What boobs? She looks like a little girl!
  3. Oh dear! I hope your friend realizes the repurcussions of abusing laxatives-- and the fact that they really don't help you lose weight. :-/ However, I realize that EDs are not something one thinks sensibly about, Just try to be there for your friend and listen to her insecurities and just try to be a good example, I hope she turns out ok, EDs can become horrible, horrible things.

    And, if anyone thinks Nicole looks good, that only shows how well the Media has conditioned our society to embrace the starvation look. Thinness is attractive, but ONLY when it's healthy. Nicole can say she's a petite person untill she's blue in the face, but we all know that the girls got some serious issues with food. No one gets that thin from simple having strong will to diet and exercise. I eat (fairly) well and exercise, and I'm not shrinking to the size of a doll. She doesn't eat, not enough anyways and that's what it comes down too. Yes, her hair looks pretty and her little body may seem cute- but she's setting a horrible example and promoting an unrealistic ideal in women everywhere! If you think she's beautiful, then perhaps you should re-examine your ideals of beauty. Kate Winslet is gorgeous and she looks quite womanly. :smile:

    oh, and LOL at the beanie baby comment! :-P
  4. No, you're definitely insane.
  5. agreed. i can't imagine thinking she looks good. All bones and angles :sad: women just need some curves *shakes head* its just sad

    ( which is actually the title to a quite fabulous movie.)
  7. oh my god look at her in those boots. she looks like a child wearing her mom's way-to-big shoes. horrible!
    i mean it's good she dropped her skanky style but did she need to drop all those pounds too? i think she looked healthy next to paris. damn it woman, eat something!!
    did you guys see some recent pics of hilary duff? she doesn't look much different...

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  8. I wonder how much longer she will last past this point. I'm not an anorexia/ED expert, but I know sooner or later this gets life threatening. I feel sorry for anyone with this condition. She needs to get help.
  9. The stuff animal looks like it weighs more than she does...
  10. hahah..the bear looks like it's gonna eat her up...she can't even fit into those boots...geeee...loving her bag tho...birkin..yumm..:love:
  11. I was too surprised to see this pic.....
    I couldn't believe she really eats something!!!!!
    anyway, she looks like a skeleton with a pretty BIG face!!
  12. YAY! Good for you, thats hot!
  13. New picture

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  14. yeah, she needs to eat def! I bet she's way skinnier IRL, cause don't cameras make ppl look bigger than real life?
  15. Wow! good for you! Why are you selling them though?? I love those sunglasses!