Why are ferragamo bags so underrated?

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  1. Yes, I'm aware of that section but I'm referencing the one listed under Chanel Shopping. It's a more direct target.
  2. Reviving this thread as the vara rainbow is growing on me! I’ve never bought any leather bags or wallets but I own 12 pairs of Ferragamo shoes.

    But going by the quality of the shoes which are all worn in heavy rotation, I can safely say their leather is awesome!
  3. I always wondered why too. The quality of the bags are amazing. And the styles are so cute too! But I think the shoes are the main statement of the brand so I think that stole all the spotlight.
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  5. I have a black leather Ferragamo shoulder bag, idr the name right now, but it's still in amazing condition. The leather is soooo soft/buttery/amazing lol.
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  6. I was just in Bloomingdales yesterday and their scarves are so pretty to they really are a beautiful brand.
  7. I think Ferragamo is for old men and old ladies. I would never buy anything from that brand. Not because the quality is bad (I'm sure it's decent), but because the brand itself screams "old white people."
  8. Their scarves are gorgeous.
  9. If that is a synonym for timeless elegance, it is fine with me.
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  10. Lol - no... just “old white people.”
  11. Erm, I don't know, I see Ferragamo mostly as 'cute colourful bows' and I sometimes wonder if it is not even too 'young' / childish looking for me, especially if combined with pink colour :smile:
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  12. That’s interesting.
  13. true! That was one reason for me hesitating on getting a vara bag - possibly black and gold colours would make it more sophisticated. In the end I went for an “Abbey” with the gancio clasp in deep pink which I enjoy, but not as cute or sleek as the vara.....
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  14. I'm neither old, nor white, and I like Ferragamo. Some of their pieces are gorgeous, and some are old looking and dated. Their vintage Kelly style bags are fantastic. As with any brand, they have had some great bags and some epic fails, but the great ones are worth the effort to find and buy.
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