Why are ferragamo bags so underrated?

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  1. I recently bought my first ferragamo shoulder bag with my tax returns and I think the bag is so stunning and classy. Heres a pic:


    I purchased it in the black color. It's super professional looking and seems to be great quality.

    So why is it that these bags are so understated? I feel as if the spotlight is on their shoes and not their bags.
  2. Good question! Can't wait to read everyone's thoughts on this :smile: Personally the selection of Ferragamo bags in my area isn't great compared to what I find online. I like to see a bag in person and when I can't I kind of lose interest and am just not drawn to the brand.
  3. I've always wondered this too. I get to see tons of Ferragamo bags in person and not one has ever disappointed me. I think in Europe they might be more popular, but I really believe they should be here.

    I think their shoes are more common than their bags in the US
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  4. Spot on about the shoes being more popular than the bags. I love the bags! They are very good quality and classy.
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    Salvatore Ferragamo started making shoes when he was 6 years old. Shoes have always been the brand's passion. For many years the bags were quite conservative, and thought of by many as "old lady" bags. It has only been in the past 10 years that the bags have been styled to appeal to the under 65 demographic in the US. I'm an old lady (:graucho:) so I've always liked the conservatives styles. Ferragamo does some of the very best alligator bags...right up there with BV and Hermes.
  6. Totally agree that Ferragamo is under-rated. My Sofia is so amazingly made - classy, functional, and fun all at the same time. And their vintage kelly-style bags are stunning. I wonder when they'll get the attention they deserve. Though, that said, I also like that they are under-the-radar and not "it" trendy.
  7. Thanks for this info :smile: I loveee the bags!
  8. SO true about them not being trendy. That's why I chose the Fanya over the Celine small luggage tote that is so in right now.
  9. As jburgh said, Ferragamo started off making shoes so that was the main focus of the brand initially.

    Regardless, with the likes of Gucci, Prada, etc., Ferragamo started as a leathergoods maker. You can expect quality leather goods from these brands because their history is in leather. That's why I'll choose a bag from Ferragamo over Dior, YSL, or other brands that started as fashion houses than leathergoods makers.

    One thing I will say is that Ferragamo designs are myeh..it's gotten better over the years but I think they're no competition to other brands. I do love Ferragamo wallets though - I think they're really elegant and classy (hate hate monogram Gucci or LV wallets).
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  10. interesting story. I always love ferragamo shoes and bought many of them, but never buy any purse from them. their purses look pretty but for some reasons I never have the intention to buy them. I dont even know why is that. :wondering
  11. Not underrated by me ;). Never thought of them as that, but I can see they don't get the attention at tpf that other designers do. Interesting responses. Thank you.
  12. The Queen has always worn Ferragamo handbags and shoes, Ferragamo is very popular in England and Europe!

    It's fashion statement for many years to me was of quality and old money but it's changing and becoming more available throughout the world.

    I really love Ferragamo and I have seen some gorgeous handbags at some very reputable stores via the Internet.
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  13. I adore Salvatore Ferragamo's shoes and he started shoe making and designing at a very young age.

    His vara bow bags are very pretty too
  14. Actually the queen wears only Launer bags. They do look a little similar though. Her bags are handmade for her by Launer of London and they carry the royal seal. She has worn ferragamo shoes, but only rarely.

  15. Thanks for the correction, I read about the Queen and her style in an old Vogue magazine years ago but I do have a case of jetlag and my quote was rather bold!
    Occasionally the Queen's handbags do look slightly Ferragamo, more vintage Ferragamo.