Why are ferragamo bags so underrated?

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  1. I have always found Ferragamo to be underrated. IMO they are great bags and the designs are iconic. Very under the radar so unless you know the brand you may not even recognize the bag.
  2. The quality of Ferragamo leather is unsurpassed, IMO. I guess they've never had an "it" bag, so maybe that's why they stayed under the radar. I've worn them for years and years. I still own two Ferragamo wallets from ages ago, and the leather is still soft and perfect calfskin. I love the clasp on the F's.
  3. It's sad but on the other hand I hope it'd stay like this way or otherwise, there's high probability the quality would go to downhill like Chanel and LV.
  4. Ferragamo is still family owned so no shareholders to report to.
    Makes a huge difference in quality and prices.
  5. That's true...
  6. The quality of the bags is amazing. The leather is thick, sturdy and soft.
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  7. I think it hasn't found its way into the younger market like the other brands have. There is something about the brand overall that displays a more mature style. They also lack having celebrity/instagram/blogger influence too, so this brand is often overlooked for other brands that are more recognizable.
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  8. I think they are trying to do that with the new Vara Rainbow bag campaign :smile:

    Plus I think their shoes have been already quite a hit with bloggers and younger customers for some years now:girlsigh:
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  9. I didn't know F was family owned and I agree, private vs public makes a huge difference. Anyone know which other brands are still family/private?
  10. Chanel is, and they are making huge profits. Versace (I think) is too and it is not going so well in that house...

    The problem is also that Ferragamo doesn't have any hyped "it" bags. You will see a lot of working ladies wearing Ferragamo bags or shoes (even men) but I can't name any "influencer" that would carry their bags. It might also to do with the fact that the logo is not that big.
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  11. Perhaps our Ferragamo forum needs a sticky thread like Chanel's Shopping one which has a subset thread for Reseller/Consignment postings. Any TPFer selling their SF could list their sale link on it, effectively marketing to SF lovers directly. The posts on Chanel's don't appear on any other threads (that I've noticed).
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  12. i don't know if I'm aloud to post this response but i have 3 beautiful Ferragamo bags available for sale listed where could i post where people who are interested in Ferragmo bags?
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  13. the shopping resources has a “your auctions” section for TPFers
  14. ok thanks i thought maybe there was a dedicated thread of listing
  15. Haven't purchased a bag from Ferragamo for awhile, but I love the fact it's underrated and not so recognizable. I've always had great customer experience with them, including purse repair. Their recent styles haven't spoken to me, but I still browse from time to time.