Which Mulberry bags have you kept or can't you part with & why

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  1. Lol, you are right Binny, DH bought her for my Eeeeeek big 0 Birthday, chose all by himself :woot: very scary (he never dared before). He saw her in the shop and made a beeline for her, one look at the price tag and I went off elsewhere ;) so I will treasure her forever, it does help that I love get to bits :love:

    Hope you find one Binny, they are worth it.
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    I love all my Mulberrys

    Alexa Oak pb reg - I would never sell, when I first noticed mulberry this was the bag that I wanted.

    O/s Alexa chocolate sb - this one I do think of selling on but then when I get ready to set the sale up I change my mind, seems she's not going anywhere. Plus with mulberry discontinuing them I makes me want to keep her more.

    Bays printed black and Union Jack oak - nope these would never go

    Sbs oxblood - now I don't use this as much, I feel she needs babying a lot due to the oxblood colour. But she is beautiful and so cute I'd never part with her

    Chocolate large Antony - this one I do think of selling on as I just don't use it. Lovely bag though and so practical

    Mitzy messenger pebbled oak - I love this one, use it as an everyday bag. It's great across body especially as I'm 6ft tall, it has a lovely long strap

    Large Cara in blue camo - I don't use this one as much as she deserves but I do love her. This is the only one I have in the goat leather and is so lovely to look at and feel.

    Margaret in grape - this is new to me, bought for a wedding. It's my only mulberry evening bag so she won't be going anywhere

    Tessie tote oxblood - this bag I have never used, bought from selfridges at the beginning of the year as a holiday/plane/travelling bag. Not sure if it's a keeper or not 🤔.

    Great thread, it's great reading which bags everyone has [emoji4] xx
  3. I'll hold on to my:

    Oak Bays

    Black regular Lily w. nickel hardware

    Pebble medium Mabel

    Fuschia mini Mabel

    Chocolate Poppy hobo

    Oak Phoebe

    Oak Tyler

    Oak Somerset tote

    I moved on:

    Black glossy goat medium Mabel

    Chocolate Poppy satchel

    Black leopard patent regular Alexa

    I love the classic styles, they are so
    timeless and wearable :smile: although looking at my post I seem to have an awful lot of oak going on

    My coloured bags are maily Balenciaga, but I have an eye out for adding more coloured Lilys
  4. I remember as a teen visiting my local dept store to admire Bayswaters when they retailed at £595 and thinking 'one day I'll own a Mulberry bag and know I've made it'.

    Since then (and after a lot of hard work) I have been really lucky and managed to collect seven Mulberry's; all second hand but in almost new condition. I might sell one, but to me they symbolise huge achievement in my life and I couldn't part with most of them.

    So far I have;
    Large Heritage Bayswater in conker tumbled leather
    O/S Alexa in black soft buffalo (don't use very often as paranoid that she isn't strong enough to carry my stuff)
    Pink Glove Roxanne (two rivets gone in first week of using her!)
    Mitzy crossbody in mustard (this one makes me smile so much; a happy bag in a lovely yellow colour!)
    East West Mitzy in Aubergine (bulletproof bag)
    Sofia in Black spongy leather (lovely soft bag reserved for weekends)
    East West Effie Hobo in black spongy leather (new present to self out of recent tiny pay rise!)

    I prefer bags that can be worn on shoulder and across body so the Effie I just bought is working out pretty well, although she is a bit wide and i have to use a scarf to bulk her out a bit. I tend to stick with one bag for a while. I also have three MJ's, two MK's and a Prada although the quality of Mulberry leather beats them all hands down...
  5. I'm definitely holding on to my Dorset in oak, SBS in powder beige and my Bow Clutch in ballet pink. I just really love these bags and I think I could survive on just these 3 bags alone. Dorset for work, SBS for casual and the clutch for going out.

    I moved on my small Del Rey in emerald green texured lizard and my Mulberry pink bow pouch. The del rey with pain in my heart, but I just couldn't keep it. I just didn't love the feel of the leather and I kept losing the little lizard scales which annoyed me to no end. Really loved the color though. Would love to find another emerald green bag to replace it with someday! The bow pouch I just didn't use. I kept going for the bow clutch since it's so much more practical.
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  6. Glad this thread is going again, really interesting seeing everyone's choices and reasons for keeping or moving on certain bags.

    This is mine:-
    * Gunmetal Ledbury silver HW (no side straps) my first Mulberry.
    * Chocolate Somerset shoulder bag (old style) silver HW - recently found a new love for this bag after a few years in the dust bag.
    * Black large Poppy silver HW - used loads when I had a different job! Needs re inking and a liner maybe but could be used again....
    * Bronze metallic small Poppy gold HW - too small but a favourite of my step-daughter!
    * Marine Julia Matt bronze HW - used twice I bought several bags quickly and she became redundant instead of loved - such a shame.
    * Black Maggie Clutch silver HW - a beautiful clutch. Just never seemed to be "me"
    * Red Bayswater valentines clutch gold hearts and HW - a holy grail bag. Saw on Pinterest a year after its original release and managed to find one randomly at Bicester. I always feel stupidly happy and lady like when I use it.
    * Taupe regular Lily with silver HW - is the newest (about two weeks old) but I'd already like another and maybe a purse

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  7. Hm. I think the only handbag I'll never part with is my Cara with lion rivets in Taupe.

    I'd wanted a Mulberry bag since I was about 13(ish), I've always been interested in handbags. But I feel like Mulberry had a special place in my heart. I saw this particular bag in a YT video, and it was love at first sight.
    I didn't really have the funds at the time, but my dad was kind enough to buy it for me (I paid him back). So 'she' was my very first designer bag, and although I don't use her that often, I don't think I'd ever part it.

    Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 13.08.18.png

  8. I've had the small Bayswater in oak with brass hardware and recently sold.
    I now have my postmans lock satchel in black pebble leather with gold hardware which I'm also thinking of selling! Not sure tho as she is a stunning bag! I still have the protective stickers on the hardware lol
  9. Bayswater in black glossy goat with silver hardware. I rarely use it but such a classic style, classic Mulberry and I love black bags with silver hardware. :biggrin:
  10. My black grainy print bays with nickel is my absolute favourite too out of my 10 Bayswaters!
    Moved on black east west bays in NVT leather (used to partially fund new clay Bayswater) and black bays in NVT (replaced with black small classic grain bays with gold) as I just don't 'feel' NVT in black. Love NVT in oak and chocolate though.

    Don't think I will part with any of my bays now. Which include
    - oak NVT with brass
    - chocolate NVT with brass
    - black grainy print nickel
    - black small classic grain gold
    - eggplant with soft gold
    - electric blue with gunmetal
    - Black Forest- with soft gold
    - midnight glossy goat with nickel
    - graphite with nickel
    - clay (new Coca bays) small classic grain with yellow gold

    For me the Bayswater is the perfect bag for work.
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  11. I need to use my Bayswater more! I wish I bought mine when they still had the grainy print, my medium Lily was in that exact combination.

    Glossy goat is still nice though but was more expensive [emoji85]
  12. I'm having a sad moment as I'm regretting but at the same time not regretting the bags I've sold. I started with 100% Mulberry but since mr Cocoa entered I started looking elsewhere and found a couple of major crushes and to fund these I had to let go of some of my Mullababies.

    The Mulberry bags I've kept are:
    - Bayswater in Deep Embossed Croc in oxblood.
    - Cara Medium rivets in oxblood.
    - Regular Lily in oak.

    The M that has moved to new homes:
    - Mini Lily Metallic Mushroom, sold yesterday. It hurts but it was a tiny bag and I couldn't bring glasses with me.
    - Mini Lily Fiery Spritz, as I had MM I sold on but I loved it! And still do..
    - Regular Lily in Mushroom Grey. The color made me confused it wasn't an exact color it just felt blah. Replaced with oak.
    - Cara medium in oak. As I already had rivet Cara I couldn't justify keeping both.
    - Bayswater Double Zip tote small in oak. As I wear mostly xbody the boxy shape made it not perfect for me.
    - Alexa regular in oak. Oh this I still miss and it was my second M bag and I saved to buy but in the end she didn't get used and I was annoyed with the two leather straps bouncing when walking and the xbody strap was a bit too long.
    - Daria Satchel in black. My very first M. Used for many many years sold as was bag was getting worn and I wanted another bag. Also all the fakes with the plaque made me annoyed.
    - Bucket bag Sharpham. My first eBay purshase, nice bag but not loving bucket bag style.

    The other bags I've bought (and kept) as selling above:
    - LV Pochette Metis
    - Chloe Marcie medium satchel
    - YSL College Large
    - Chanel new medium Boy
    - Anya Hindmarch maxi zip satchel
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  13. My Bayswater in poppy red shiny goat, grey Medium Lily, vintage Mulberry Kelly in brown patent leather- currently my work bag, and my shiny goat Double Zip Bays : small in black, large in Taupe...and my green Selwood. I just love the colour !
  14. I used to rotate a lot of bags and in my time have moved on:

    Petticoat Alexa Hobo
    Grey Carter
    Large Lily
    Mole Grey sparkle Bays
    Large black EW Shimmy
    Pebbled Beige Lily

    For me I don't think I could move either of my Bays (Plum, Fudge) on or my regular lily with silver HW as they make my heart sing! Also the Lily is the only one with silver hardware.

    If I need to move on on it would probably be my large del Rey which although practical I don't love quite as much!
  15. I'm trying desperately to gear myself up to prune my bag collection in general and the Mulberry girls are going to be the hardest to let go! I know that I will never part with:
    Bayswaters: Womble sheepskin, scribbly floral patent, oak, graphite
    Alexas: nightshade silky snake, teddy rivets oak, o/s oak
    Regular Lilies - love them!
    Mabels: shark grey patent, rose goatskin, purple lambskin - my favourite Mulberry style
    Somerset: oak drawstring - so easy and practical
    Georgie: aqua - love her!
    Antony: oak - simple workhorse
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