Which Mulberry bags have you kept or can't you part with & why

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  1. You've got some absolute beauties there, Kmora; your oxblood Lily is stunning and I love your Lexy, Bays Buckle and cosmetics pouch.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to photograph them! [emoji253]
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  2. Thank you! :smile:

    These are actually "old" pictures from last spring/summer. Will take some new photos with the whole family in one pic :smile: It is just a little bit hard to find time for a (calm and undisturbed) photo session with a 3 year old and a new born ;)
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  3. Bless you! I've been there; it's more mentally and exhausting than anyone would believe! [emoji42]
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  4. I have a few, but despite rare thoughts of probable time to move one or two on i still prefer to keep them all
    Navy Effie hobo
    EW croc embossed Bays tan/oak
    OS Raspberry Alexa
    LE Alexa in tan/oak
    Black soft buffalo reg size Alexa
    Lily in oxblood, medium
    Daria hobo in oxblood
    2 pouches and 2 wallets
    And my DH's chocolate Brynmore

    Lily and black Alexa are the last 2 i would think to part with, though i love them all!!!
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  5. Mentally exhausting is a very mild description ;)
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  6. The one and only Mulberry bag I've ever had is the Valentine Alexa. I bought it when it first came out and then sold it a few months later. I regretted that and had to wait like 3 years until I found her again. I will never sell it because its the perfect red color, I really like the Alexa for a casual chic look and it is now discontinued, and the heart rivets are so cute and understated.
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