Which Mulberry bags have you kept or can't you part with & why

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  1. I think an incentive to prune is required? If you still love and use them I don't think there is a need to part with any :girlsigh: I simply fell out of love with some of mine and other bags gave me a wow factor.

    off course if you have so many they need their own room then maybe it's time to reconsider :confused1: I often think if my birdies were still in the nest I just wouldn't have been able to spread out like I have :blush: I've hoarded for too many years and now I'm paying the price and de-cluttering. Also being in the same house for too many years doesn't help as there isn't the same need to have a good sort out...............
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  2. Very wise words, as always, dear MG! I really don't have the room for so many bags and am road testing a few this week to see whether they still work for me. At one point I was tempted to consign the entire lot and purchase one Hermès Birkin or Kelly, but I don't know that I have the lifestyle to back up either bag. I keep looking at the three on NPN but the box leather wouldn't last five seconds when I'm greeted by my mad Cockapoo! [emoji849] A friend of mine has a number of classic Chanels, bought "blind" by her DH(!) but, again, I don't think I'm ladylike enough to carry one; she's always immaculately made up on the school run whereas I'm lucky if I've found a hairbrush!
    I've discovered real love for my o/s oak Lexy this past week, having used her only once in four years and almost sold her. This makes me wary of being too rash in selling bags but, equally, aware that I can only realistically carry so many ...
    Finally, my reluctance to sell them stems from my feeling no love for the current Mulberry styles. I wish I'd bought the lion rivets Cara but nothing else has appealed to me for some time. The bags I own are classics and have either already been discontinued or look destined for a styling change. I don't want to suffer seller's regret! [emoji5]
  3. Some wise words there ladies. It all comes down to us wanting to squirrel! I too have a few styles that have barely seen the light of day in the last five years, phoebe , small ant, Bonnie satchel, to name a few. I think the resale on them will be fairly low so that stops me from selling I guess. Also the quality of those bags and the leather is fabulous and I doubt ever to be replicated. It's probably the only area of my life, material items wise, that I tend to hold on to things. Generally I'm pretty ruthless, if it doesn't get used , it goes. I generally have the thought of selling when I have my eye on another bag so I can use the funds from the sale. Haven't moved anything on for a while though.
  4. I have an old Roxanne that I feel the same about. The resale would be low but it's been such a great bag that has really help up. It's one of those that look even better with some wear and it seems that the style goes in and out every few years. I still pull it out and carry it every so often and the memory of how happy and excited I was to get it is worth the closet space. :heart:
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  5. I have only two Mulberry pieces: a tooled chocolate Darwin Bayswater, and an orange regular Mabel. I acquired them after thinking long and hard what suited my actual needs, as I´m not a buy-and-resell or collector kind of person, just a CPR-calculating wee user. Both handbags hit the spot, and although I´ve culled a few LV down the road, and have had offers (especially for the Mabel), these two immensely practical and gorgeous pieces are staying till they fall apart!
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  6. I had to get rid of the overnight bag, was too heavy to carry on the shoulder!
  7. My oak polished buffalo Alexa.
    This is the only bag I know I will keep forever.. I love all the others as well but experience has shown that I am ready to let go some of them for new ones.
    Though, I still regret my red polished buffalo Alexa from time to time..
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  8. Same here [emoji4] The Alexa's are Keeper....but all others (Bays) want to go. For example the Choc Bayswater with Croc print....I used her 1 time (to stiff for me). BUT....where to sell...that's the question. [emoji28]
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  9. I agree, dear Gringach; my Lexies are definite keepers! Mind you, it took a road test with my o/s oak girl to realise that she shouldn't have spent the past two years in her dust bag. [emoji5] I've used her a LOT since then! I like her relaxed feel and my only concern is that she doesn't have feet (which wouldn't work on this style, I think).
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  10. I'm in the same proverbial boat, dear Sunfeather (typing your avatar always makes me smile!) [emoji274]
    I adore my Bayswaters but they're heavy girlies for everyday wear ... [emoji848] Mind you, whenever I see another mum with one (as I did at Birmingham Symphony Hall yesterday) I always feel guilty for not taking mine with me ...
    Your choc embossed Bays sounds gorgeous; I have the nvt choc but yours goes one step beyond! Naughtipidgins is a great consignment reseller, as is Labels Most Wanted. I wouldn't, personally, go via eBay ... [emoji848]
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  11. I have four Mulberry bags and I don't want to part with any of them. But if I had two I could see two of them leave.

    These are the ones I have:
    * Alexa in midnight
    * Bayswater buckle in black
    * Lily in oxblood
    * Cosmetic Pouch (used as clutch) in neon blue

    The ones I could never ever part with are the Alexa and the Lily. The Alexa because it was my first designer bag love and the craftmanship is TDF. Not the most practical bag but it will always stay with me. The Lily is just such a great small everyday bag and the oxblood color is so special!

    The other two bags I could see myself part with (even if I don't want to) due to: the Bayswater buckle is great but honestly there are more great top handle black bags with great craftmanship. And the cosmetic pouch/clutch could also probably be compared to other great clutches ;)
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  12. I think this thread needs some pics! [emoji991] I love seeing everyone's beauties: could you do a little family shot, to start us off, of your four lovelies, dear Kmora?!
  13. I can take a family pic tomorrow :smile: (going to sleep at the moment) but until then I have them in single photos:


    Bayswater Buckle


    Cosmetic Pouch

    Found an old photo of my Mulberry family missing the pouch but my wallet is in it (and I still have it, will never get rid of it!)
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  14. Beautiful choices/family dear Kmora!! Hope all is wonderful w/ you dear!:heart::flowers:
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  15. Thank you! :smile:

    The old Mulberry bags before Coca was truly amazing! Don't know anything about the new bags but I hope they also are gorgeous.
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