Which Mulberry bags have you kept or can't you part with & why

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  1. When you asked me which Mulbs I had left Louliu I had a count up and was surprised how many I still have. I know I should move a few more on but just don't feel I can. I think I'm down to the minimum :lol: for now at least. I've moved on loads over the years but love all that I have left and haven't tinkered for quite some time. Most I consider my day bags, some for special occasion and a few are used rarely at specific times.

    With so many of us saying, we are unlikely to buy from the new collections and Binny loving my ostrich Electric blue Bays, thank you Binny :biggrin: I thought it would be a good idea to start a new thread.
    Which Mulberry bags are you holding onto and consider you just can't part with or is there a HG Mulb you still just have to have.
  2. My count up came to 13;

    3 Lily, metallic mushroom,ballet pink ostrich, hairy pheasant green
    2 bays mentioned, electric blue ostrich, red onion
    2 Alexa's, oak leopard print, pebble beige silky snake
    Hairy leopard Harriet,
    Daria satchel, Oxblood
    Rose studded plonge lambskin Bays oversized clutch, mushroom
    EW chocolate Bays
    Trippy tiger beach bag
    and last but not least Chocolate Brooke which I find brilliant for a walk along the seafront or in country. It's so tiny (I'm a kitchen sort of gal!) but a good shape for carrying essentials and very robust. Ye old Darwin leather copes brilliantly with the sea air & spray!
  3. Hmm.
    I do not resell.
    So, have all bags bought. And will use them.
    Until they feel unusable.

    Or until my dog, named Mulberry, is gone.
    This will be awhile.
    He seems immortal & very full of energy. ;)
    And inspired me to try brand.

    Bag used least but kept as hg=
    Tricolor primrose (oxblood, poppy red, oak calf)
    I loved it beyond reason when introduced. And still do.

    No, new coca stuff not for me.
    Am not fan of h birkin or celine wings--if wanted those, would buy those.
    Do not look to mulb for French imitations. Expect British originality & quality.
  4. I've got 23 mulberry bags at the moment. I'm in two minds as to whether to move some on as I feel that I've got too many bags (32 in total) but doubt that I will. I haven't bought a mulberry since 2014 and doubt that I'll buy from them again as I've got all the bags I wanted. Additionally the new offerings aren't my style which compels me to hold on to the ones I have even more. If I do decide to buy a bag it will be from another brand and I'd probably save up in that instance.
  5. I moved on my black nvt bays but only because I want a dressier bays with gold hardware to complement my black with nickel one. I absolutely adore all my mulberry bags and won't part with any of them. East west is probably my least favourite as I don't think she looks so nice/ her proportions are a bit off but as she suits her purpose (when I want a very understated smaller sized bag) she will remain.

    To be honest I plan on adding black small grain bays with gold hardware and a regular lily with nickel (although I own a regular lily with gold). I like having black bags with both types of hardware. I would also like an oxblood Daria French purse but this is low on the list. I feel as though I need to complete my mulberry collection before Coca removes classic bays (I am not convinced that it won't be discontinued in the future) or messes with lily!
  6. Well, I think most of you will have gathered now what my H.G.bag is, Mulberrygals ostrich Bays, but I think even if I found a pre-loved one it would probably be way beyond my bank balance! I've got four Lillies (Lilys, not sure which one is right)! All four serve a purpose with the colours I've chosen and are definately keepers as is my Cara and Oak Bays! Have three Mitzies, 2 of which haven't been out of their dustbags for at least six months, so could really be moved on. A graphite E/W, dead useful and a rare and very pretty ginger Clarendon, which is a great pop of colour for the summer, so I think apart from the two lonely Mitzies, they are all keepers and all serve a purpose. Thinking I could move on the Mitzies and save up hard for Mulberrygals ostrich Bays, but I have a feeling she ain't going to be letting go of that one anytime soon!
  7. Great thread mulberrygal. I have been decreasing my mulberry collection for a while now. I have got rid of Cecily with flower lock, 2 effies, a long locked purse, dome rivet purse, bluebell Bayswater that we're all brand new and never carried. I still have quite a few left. I expect at some point I will move on my Somerset tote, phoebe, Anthony and bonnie. I will keep daria satchel, four medium Lily and 1 regular, also I have an oak Bayswater. I would like to add scribble lily to my collection. I cannot see me ever moving on my medium lily collection. I love them. The rest of my handbag collection consists of LV, Chloe, 1x Balenciaga, 1 X YSL sac du jour and a Chanel WOC. I'm not really sure what I will do next. I need to enjoy what I have and then decide what else I fancy. It's difficult as I don't want to move things on that I later regret.
  8. I downsized too, but still kept quite a few Mulberry bags :smile:

    Oak Bayswater
    Black Alexa
    Oak OS Alexa
    Oak Alexa Camera Bag
    Petticoat OS Alexa
    Denim Tillie
    Champagne sparkle Lily
    Salmon Darwin Roxanne

    I'm Mulberry-content at the moment and love all my bags.
  9. Loving this thread. I'm in the middle of reassessing my collection. Just moved on a few and considering moving on some more. Don't even know how many I have (some are at Mulberry hospital at the moment). I'm trying to consider whether I can create a capsule handbag collection but to be honest I'm struggling. I love all my bags even those I don't use often. I've decided to start by moving on bags that I have never used or use very rarely (unless they are so beautiful they justify just sniffing!). Anyone got reducing their collection to a fine art and can recommend a good number/range to have?
  10. Good thread

    Black mini Taylor - currently bored with but a keeper
    Black SDR - as above
    Black SBS - keeper
    Ink suede tillie - on the fence, want bag but bored again
    Black somerset hobo - going
    Black postmans lock satchel - keeper as wanted it for so long...... But you never know
    Black pembridge hobo - in the fence, this is my 3rd one never used any of them and still it sure why I bought it...... Again!

    Just want a reg Lily and me done - don't like prices, leather, quality issues, styles, etc for a while now

    So many have been and gone, few regrets along the way, but that eventually fades

    Have bought a Bal and Chloe recently - first non M in 5 years I think
  11. I can't carry Bays as it's too heavy, but kept my oak one for years as it was my first Mulberry & can't bear to sell it. Daft, but true.

    I've put it in my daughter's room in the hope she'll pinch it, but she's more of a Kors & Cambridge Satchel girl.

    (I think I currently have 25 Mulberry bags, not sure though!).
  12. I downsized to half... had about 24 bags total and now have 12. Out of these, 8 are Mulberry (see above).

    A few I kept because I would get next to nothing for them if I sold them, e.g. my much-used denim Tillie and large PS1. I put Tillie through the washing machine and am now using her again. Totally worry free.

    I use and love most of my bags, and since I have fewer I even rotate them more, which is weird. I've decided to use and enjoy all of them (I don't baby my bags at all).

    Having said that, a few are more "special occasion" (parties, weddings, etc.) like my diamond sparkle Lily. And I am keeping 2 (the OS Oak and Petticoat Alexas, plus a part-time Balenciaga), almost brand new, in their dust bags - only to come out when I retire a bag currently in rotation. I've been good about keeping them away for the future, when I will feel I have a new bag :smile:

    Hope this helps! Good luck with downsizing. I feel much better for having fewer bags, and want to get down to a maximum of 10 in the near future.
  13. I'm up to 23 at last count. I need to move a load on as I'm not in love with some anymore. Need to pull my finger out. Those that will never go are all four of my Bayswaters. Two Lilys, Cara, bays tote. Ones possibly for the high jump are easier to ditch/worth more to me sold.

    As other posters have said, the ones that will fetch nothing, I will keep and just keep cleaning. Still love the feel of them, the smell and the memories of why they were so special to begin with. My phoebe was my first full price at £595. She's worth nothing now but Mr Panda bought her as a gift and the memories are too strong to sell her.

    Funny how we're emotionally attached to some bags and not others. My daughter is now wearing a couple of mine and I have instructions from her not to sell my large and small Anthonys, mini Cara, mini alexa and alexa camera bag so that's them out of the cull,,,,

    Decisions, decisions. I'm really rubbish at this bit..... :wondering
  14. I love medium lily too!!! Wonderful bag along with Daria, regular lily and classic bays! Those are my favourites!
  15. I would say if you are not using and it is not love, move them on and get something that you love or just some cash in hand to treat yourself. I have had a bit of a clear out, to be replaced by bags I know that I will absolutely love!! Lots of sites that can help like naughtipidgins nest and the finer things which take the hassle out of selling compared to eBay etc.
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