Which LV purchase did you regret?

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  1. I tried listing it locally and was only offered below what I paid for. I think I will just keep it until I feel in love with it again.
  2. Tivoli.

    Decided to give to my mom.
  3. It is not as silky smooth as it was. It seems to be starting. I was told to but olive oil on a paper towel and but it on the bag... like a coating?

    I’m scared.....
  4. Huh? Oil on patent leather will definitely kill the leather. Who told u such nonsense? I keep all four of my vernis bags in a controlled humidity temperature area n they’ve remained the same for many years. Of course I also use them often n rotate them.
  5. Artsy. Loved the look of the bag but I found the strap uncomfortable. Sold it.
  6. Echoing previous posters - the only bag I’ve regretted and sold was the Artsy. The strap was uncomfortable and just sat right under my armpit. Hardly reached for it and it sat in my closet for 4 yrs before I decided to sell it. Couldn’t bother to take photos and research where to even sell before then
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  7. Your dog is amazing! How cute !
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  8. I absolutely love this bag, and hope to get it one day. I've heard that it gets quite heavy?
  9. No it's not, it's pretty light actually. I have it in GM empreinte and canvas and it's the best bag I have, because it's amazing for work, it's organized the quality is amazing and it's light. The bag I used before those babies was a YSL sac de jour supple, suuuuuper heavy.