Which LV purchase did you regret?

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  1. That is definitely a thought! And, I agree with you ... I can't decide if I want to keep it either!
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  2. White Watercolor speedy 35 . Never have carried it because it’s too big . It sits in my closet since I got it new
  3. I habe the 30 and although it was my holy grail bag I never used it because of it‘s huge size. And it was sooo expensive [emoji849]
  4. I have the same problem but found that using purse gummy on the handles makes a big difference. It hardly slips off my shoulder at all.
  5. Oh wow that is my favorite LV of all time.
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  6. I bought the DA Pochette Felicie and I think I'm going to sell it. As a purse/pochette it doesn't really fit my phone (iPhone 7 Plus) and much else, and isn't really functional in my life as a wallet, either. Just doesn't work for me, sadly. It's so pretty and I'm tempted to keep it as an evening bag, but I really don't think I'll use it.
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  7. I agree. Therefore I only own 1. Man the bandeu is even more useful
  8. I had these and it left a residue that to this day I'm not able to clean off after I removed the gummy. Just wanted to let ya'll know if you're going to buy them. I definitely regret buying it :sad:
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  9. My keepall monogram 45 - it is lovely and iconic but not too functional for me as i need more space in general when travelling, gym .. i wish i had the bigger one .. i have a nylon prada now which seems more functional to me
  10. Montaigne BB in Empreinte Noir. It’s a nice bag with a nice weight/feel to it, but I find it a bit matronly. Bought it while in Paris bc I didn’t see anything else I wanted. I’ve used it once.
  11. I missed that bag when it was released! I was in the middle of a move from one region of the US to another and the place I move to really didn’t have Louis Vuitton anywhere! I had no idea that bag existed until about two years afterwards. I so wish I could find that bag!

    I regret purchasing the Alma in vernis. I think I used that bag once but I was told that it gets sticky overtime so it’s pretty much been sitting up for years at this point...
  12. Can I ask why? I’d love to hear your feedback.

    I personally Never liked crossbody bags. I purchased the Bloomsberry because I thought it would be a great cross body bag to put underneath jackets and when you’re in nyc, Paris, etc visiting.

    The Bloomsberry changed my entire outlook on everything and I’m constantly out in snowstorm and rain storms with it. no problem at all. I actually enjoy it so much I’ve recently looked at getting another!
  13. 30 b works great for me, i have two, while also has a 25b, even 25 b is enough for carrying everything I need, and both 25 b & 30b sizes look good on me, I feel 30b (or 30 classic) look more "stand out" like a nice bag, haha, don't know how to describe it properly. i guess we all have "feel" of which bag we like better. But 30b is a easy sale if you want to sell it. :smile:
  14. I know what you mean about the 30’s feeling more like a proper bag.
    I’m keeping mine for now, I use the 30b for travel or when I need to carry more, but I would use it more often if it was a 25b because I carry very little :oh:
  15. My nano speedy. It's still sitting in a cold corner.