Which LV purchase did you regret?

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  1. This thread is a little similar but it's not the same, most of the posts are about regrets, items that didn't work out for one reason or another, but sometimes we have bags that we use and enjoy, but after a while we decide to sell.

    I don't know if that made any sense :doh: but I did find one other similar thread:

  2. I find these types of threads useful myself. Someone may post some info that I hadn't realized or thought of, and/or info that can only be learned after having used an item for a bit.
  3. Yes same here, these type of threads are very useful and have helped me decide what would work for me :tup:
  4. I sold my damier ebene PM neverfull and my monogram popincourt. I used to use them a lot when I first got them but then when I became a mom they just didn't fit my lifestyle anymore.
  5. I sold my vintage mono Alma PM because top handle bags don't work for me + it had an odour. I think it's a BEAUTIFUL bag though!
  6. This one. I saw it on the runway and thought it was the most beautiful bag ever.
    I got it, and I thought I looked great carrying it, but it was just so difficult to use. The zipper was so unwieldy (I even tried the pencil lead trick), and getting things out of that bag was like drawing raffle prizes. I disliked that it was deep.
  7. Hi Guys
    I wanted to know how many people still love their Galleria? I hardly used it and is almost new and am debating on whether I should keep it or sell it! Do you think it would ever come back since it was a special edition? I have the monogram one in GM. Is it worth keeping it and converting it to a diaper bag in the future? Since I haven't used it I wasn't sure if I should keep it or part ways with it. What are all your thoughts?
  8. Alright, I just sold my Speedy B Damier Ebene. So relieved! I have had it for close to 4 years now, used it for less than 10 times. I simply prefer my totes. I even made a little profit!
  9. I regret buying the Hampstead MM azur, such a pretty bag, But I have used few times , its just too heavy for me.. I keep it in my closet I feel bad selling such a quality bag for such low price...
  10. I also regret buying cerise NM Retiro.. so heavy also, and the strap is too long.... also sitting in my closet pretty new ... I love my Neverfull, speedy and Batignolles
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  11. Unfortunately, I do not. Then again, mine was a gift, and at the time, one of the few designer bags that I owned, so I used it often enough. I have the same one as you, and I while I think the style is pretty and interesting, It just isn't me anymore. I now find myself drawn to bags with cleaner, more structured lines -- which of course the Galleria is not! I still keep mine, as it is was a gift from DH, but I haven't used it in at least two years. I also found it rather hard to use, as it narrowed a bit at the top, and the strap was always just a bit too short for my liking.

    I do like the idea of using it as a diaper bag LOL! And since its canvas, you never have to worry about any ~accidents~ getting on it! ;)
  12. regret buying the Odeon PM....used it once and hated it ever since.....have no idea why i bought a crossbody cause they annoy me so much....will sell it and already sold my Bloomsbury GM...grrr crossbody!!! LOL!
  13. I regret buying and ended up selling my Zippy Compact Epi. Part of it was because I was so worried about damaging it, but the rest was that I realized I didn't need a normal wallet. I use my phone to pay for stuff anywhere I can use ApplePay, and tended to use a phone wallet thing to keep cards and ID handy. It just seemed to be an extra thing to carry...I noticed the same with a Cles...I didn't need an extra thing.
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  14. I love mine! I actually use mine occasionally to keep them in the rotation. I hardly see them around here anymore- which I like. I know three people that want to buy my mono but I always tell them I don't have the heart to let it go! Plus they're probably the most comfy bags I own.
  15. It's VERY heavy. She still sitting in my closet looking pretty[emoji4]
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