Which LV purchase did you regret?

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  1. Montaigne GM in monogram canvas - way too heavy. Also, the handles folding in - I thought this would be a great feature to get the handles out of the way for bad weather but the handles just kept flapping in my way and getting marked up when I put my things in the purse. I sold it.

    Speedy 35 in classic monogram. I loved the space but it got too heavy just for hand carry. I sold this and got the 30 and it's much better.

    I've read a lot of comments about vachetta and how horrible it is. I find the complete opposite although everyone has their own styles and tastes. I just wanted to say that I find vachetta very durable and while I'm the kind of person who takes care of her things - I don't have to baby my bags with vachetta. And I live in Michigan - which has some unpredictable and crazy weather.
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  2. Alma bb and Retiro Noir
  3. I have come to regret the Turquoise SC PM. I had only seen it in pictures before - and when I finally got my hands on one in amazing condition, I found it is much too green for me. I don't find it to be a true turquoise color. Trying to sell it now. I am going to take a hit, but after owning it for 7 months - I have not carried it once. Every time I start to put things in it - I find that it does not bring my joy to even see it, let alone carry it.
  4. How do you care for your vachetta? I prefer vachetta to treated leather since it's softer but I do worry about water stains etc

  5. Lol! I love this bag so much. I've never been able to find one
  6. I don't do anything. I'm too scared to put some after-market product on the vachetta although I hear many people do it without a problem.
  7. may I ask why you regret the retiro purchase?
  8. My Rivington GM. I should have gotten an estrella mm or something with a long strap. It was so beautiful and different at the store, I couldn't take my eyes off of it. I do use it, not bery often and usually on summer days. I like a lot of room with the strap and when its colder days, it's uncomfortable for me. I have thought that in a few years if I still won't love it, I will sell it. It is in great condition since it is not used frequently. I also take care of my items.
  9. Just curious to see what Louis Vuitton bags you have purchased and sold and why.

    I have purchased and sold:
    Beverly GM monogram: this bag was so, so heavy and the buckle was a hassle to open and close.

    Stresa GM monogram: The buckle was a hassle to open and close.

    Galliera PM monogram: I think I outgrew the style and moved towards larger bags. The vachetta around the top of the bag is also very delicate and showed major discoloration and wear.

    Galliera PM damier azur: same as the galliera monogram

    Neverfull MM in monogram twice: this was my very first LV. I carried it for years and it showed major wear in the canvas and vachetta. It still sold for $400 on eBay. I really regretted selling the bag and repurchased a new one. I used it twice in a year. I wanted something more secure. Everytime I hit the brakes in my car, it would tip over and everything came out! I finally sold it again.

    What I got instead:

    Palermo GM monogram: this has been a great neverfull replacement and I love the security of the zipper. This was preloved.

    Irene limited edition in monogram: this bag is so lux and chic. I love the tassels and gold iridescent drawstring. So easy to dress up! The bag has 2 sections separated by a secured zipper section in the middle. I can't say how much I love this bag.

    Speedy 30 bandoliere in damier azur tahitienne: I had never been interested in the speedy before this print. Now I want all of the prints! I thought having the shoulder strap would be so much easier, but I enjoy carrying the bag in the crook of my arm. I would absolutely consider buying a preloved older style without the shoulder strap. What started out as just the new print ones design made me completely love this bag I once overlooked.

    I have sold all of my bags on eBay and received very close to my asking prices. No major losses on any of my sales.

    I also own the Eva in monogram and would never consider selling it! It's the best size and so comfortable.

    I own the Stresa GM in damier azur and would never consider selling this even though I sold the monogram print. The print just works better with the style and the buckle is still a pain, but I love it!

    I have my eye on the vernis alma (still considering color). The speedy made me realize that I shouldn't fear bags without a shoulder strap.

    Please share bags you have sold or gotten rid of and why.
  10. Oooohh I love this!

    Here are mine:

    Alma PM in Vernis Pomme D'amour: too big for the dressy/formal color

    Speedy 35 in DE: too big esp as a handheld (replaced it with the b25 in the same print)

    Retiro PM old model: beautiful bag, too much vachetta

    Favorite PM in monogram: too small
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  11. You saved me from looking at the vernis alma in that color? I'm looking more neutral in color now. I also passed on the old retiro because of the vachetta. Thanks for sharing! :smile:
  12. So far I've only sold three bags:

    Estrela MM, lovely bag, very roomy and I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful vachetta develop patina, sold it because I didn't need a bag so big, also the straps pulled on the canvas and made me nervous.

    Westmister GM, great tote, I really enjoyed the size and the classy look, sold it because I got the Totally PM and having both felt redundant.

    Pochette Metis, I really enjoyed this bag for about 3 years, the glazing started peeling off so I had it repaired (LV fixed free of charge) like three months later the glazing started peeling again. I didn't want to be worrying about it and after much deliberation I finally let it go.

    That's it so far :smile:
  13. Happy to help :smile: I did chuckle when I saw it was up to 194 pages.
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