What's Inside Your LV?

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  1. That's a lot in there, I need better organization skills.
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  2. Haha. As I’ve started using smaller bags I’ve worked out what I use most often and how to carry it. I arrange things in the exact same way in all my bags. These same things also fit in my Soho Disco.
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  3. Haha me too, I have been gravitating to smaller bags, but always feel like I am missing something.
  4. Love the Bazooka coin pouch! and the Fleur de lis :smile:
  5. what’s inside Cannes...loving the ‘down sizing’ IMG_4957.JPG IMG_4953.JPG
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  7. So my questions for ladies. I have speedy Bs with organizer too. I put my stuff but never seems to be organized. Once it put them up and carry my purses, it gets shifted around a lot. My pictures will never look nice as yours. Any advise??
  8. that chanel keychain is the cutest!! where is that from, if you dont mind me asking?
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  9. Thanks.
    No of course not I purchased a bag can’t remember which one now from The Finer Things Aberdeen and it was given as a gift with the purchase. [emoji41]
  10. I don’t know what your organizer looks like but do you use pockets? I use all the pockets so stuff stays in its spot. I put my keys in the pocket by the sunglasses and phone in the middle pocket. IMG_6234.JPG
  11. Blanche bb
    iPhone fits nicely in the front pocket. There is still room for sunglasses in soft pouch on top.

    1356660F-6066-4CE1-9C01-10F6ED572FBE.jpeg 93240917-36B0-44D1-94C8-19051FCB60F1.jpeg
  12. That is a good point. I never really use the middle one (i have not used the middle divider/pocket). I should try to see how i can keep it its place.

    thank you!
  13. Switching to my Nano Speedy for tomorrow and I’m pretty amazed at what it can fit! Easily fits my essentials but I also managed to put the mini pochette in there with some extras...

    Besides my Kobo and sunglasses case, this is pretty much all I need every day!

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  14. Love your bag and you are a master packer! These cool structured shapes draw me in but then I worry I can’t carry what I need. The mini luggage bag is wonderful, and I think it would work, but without trying (closest boutique 4 hrs away) it’s hard to know. Thanks to everyone for showing all your lovelies filled with such cool matching slg’s, and not matching and everything! I think a cosmetic pouch is in my near future! Must upgrade my “insides” :P
  15. D30C4DE3-DDEC-439F-AE18-495809429042.jpeg 78FEDEE3-C9DB-46C6-BBF5-D10284782DF2.jpeg Here’s my contribution if anyone is curious about the wonderful Saintonge camera bag. Got her last summer, and love how big she is for a small bag (HAD to get a matching wallet of course:cool:). My contents are the Victorine freesia wallet in mono Empreinte leather, H Vision Agenda, H Calvi card case, iPhone XS Max in a giant case, AirPods, credit card device for work, a $6 drugstore vinyl cosmetic case (mono cosmetic case now sitting in my cart, not matching is bugging me after seeing all of your bags!) and though I didn’t show, can add sunnies on top and keys! And she still zips easily with no bulging. This is truly an amazing small bag, and I researched many bags before buying. Carry her quite a bit and she looks great after a year. Hope this helps, thanks again to all of you! It’s kind of fun to see inside other’s handbags isn’t it. Kind of like the old HGTV commercial “you know you want to look”. :P Glad we have each other here to obsess with.

    PS can also use my full size Silk’n zip around wallet from H if I take out the card case.
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