What's Inside Your LV?

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  1. #5191 Apr 30, 2019
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    I found this cute one via ebay - it was less than $17 with free shipping from a US address for this "M" one. It arrived the other day, and there are a bunch of colors in 2 sizes. The sangles make it for me. It's a cute homage to the H one (which is a larger satchel size, but I can't tell the quality...), however, at the end of the day, I just can't justify paying more for a plastic/vinyl bag. This is enough for me to "wink" at the translucent trend for spring/summer... Keyword: "USA Women Transparent Alphabet Jelly Messenger Handbag Crossbody Shoulder Bags"... look for seller "downloadd" HTH xox

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  2. Inside my Neverfull PM:
    Coach wristlet
    LV cosmetic pouch PM
    LV Key pouch in DA and mono
    LV Agenda PM
    Donut coin purse

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  3. It looks like it. I didn't know about the website until I started looking for the clear bag and it came up.
  4. Speedy b 25 the passed couple of days.

    I really don’t use this bag enough but the weather is horrible lately so my rainy bag came out.

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  5. Love your mix of prints :smile:
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  6. Thanks!
  7. Ready for the weekend. Inside my Rodeo Drive with a long strap.
    IMG_20190503_1928073.jpg IMG_20190503_1929440~2.jpg
  8. I sold my speedy 30 de and my mono 25 because I never used them. I've been very tempted by the speedy 25b but I'm worried it will sit on the shelf too. I always carry my neverfull tote, my balenciaga shoulder bag or one of my coach crossbodys but I'm on the hunt for another around town type of carefree functional yet premiere bag lol
  9. I sold my first speedy too! It was speedy 30 in monogram hardly carried it as I can’t do it without a long strap.
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    Inside my NF GM today:

    Rebecca Minkoff (Fleur de Lis, “C”, Life of the Party, and Metallic Sunglass Pouch’s)
    Vera Bradley eyeglass case
    LV orange Epi cosmetic pouch, Key Cles, and Evasion Pochette
    Michael Kors eyeglass case
    Kate Spade zippy wallet
    Coach Limited Edition Bazooka gum coin pouch
    Longchamp card case/compact wallet
    (iPad Pro in organizer pocket)

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    What’s in my Alma BB...

    0A4761A0-4C0D-44F7-B0F2-AC91E48D7CD0.jpeg 81C6D40D-83AD-4E7C-A70E-FF1A72908097.jpeg 1E77E99C-1699-4BCF-B531-BDCD5F091F91.jpeg

    I might get a ZCP and use that instead of the Victorine. I used a cles and card holder for a while and now the coin compartment bothers me, so I put all my coins back in my DA cles. It closes very neatly without the zipper warping with all of that in there.
  12. Love your colorful accessories!
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  13. Thank you. :P
  14. Is this the Lockme backpack? I am planning to get this bag, do you still enjoy this bag? Any cons? Thanks!
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